How To Knot A Tie To Look Elegant And Sexy

A tie is an accessory that has become a big part of every formal attire for men. Wearing it makes your overall look more elegant and classy. If you want to impress someone or just to look as the best version of yourself during some public event, then it is a mandatory solution for you.

There are different types of ties, and for a tie to look good you should know, how to choose it accordingly to your attire and, most importantly, how to knot a tie. If you are not familiar with knot tying, then this article is just for you!

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There are various ways to knot a tie, here is a guide on how to make a tie step by step for the most popular ones:

1. Simple knot

One of the most popular and easy knots, the simple knot is the best place to start for a person, who doesn’t know how to tie a tie. Here’s how you make it:

  1. The tail of the tie will be inverted, so start with the inner side of it facing away from you. The narrow end should be on your left at the height of about your belly.
  2. Put a wide end under your narrow end
  3. Wrap it around the narrow end and return it to the right side
  4. Pull it beyond the neck loop and into the loop you’ve made with it before. The knot is ready, tighten it by pulling the wide end.

2. Four-in-hand

This knot is definitely the most popular one, as it is at the same time great looking, easy to make and self-releasing. Here is how to knot a tie step by step using this method:

  1. Start with the wide end on your right. The height of its placement will depend on the length and wideness of the tie, just experiment a bit to determine it precisely.
  2. Put the wide over the narrow end, and then lead it back to the right below it.
  3. Put it above the narrow end again and then carefully pull it through the neck loop. Then pull it through the loop that has formed in the front of the tie
  4. Your knot is basically ready, you just have to tighten and adjust it.

3. Windsor knot

Among the different types of ties, this one is considered to be a more difficult one and, at the same time, one of the most sophisticated ones. It looks like a widened version of the previous one, and if you are interested in such a style of the knot, here is what you have to do to make it:

  1. Again, start with the wide end to your right and with the narrow end on the height you should determine yourself.
  2. Put the wide end over the narrow end. Then pull it through the neck loop from underneath.
  3. From the inside, wrap the wide end around the narrow end on the left side relative to the center of the tie. Then wrap the wide end through the neck loop around the narrow end again, this time on the right side.
  4. Wrap the wide end across the front of the tie and lead it through the neck loop.
  5. Pull the wide end through the loop you’ve created with it in the front. Now your knot is ready, adjust it the same way you did with the previous knot.

There are a lot more knots, some more unique-looking and really hard to make, some are simpler but less reliable. But these basic knots should be enough for you to look smart and sexy.

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