Latest Cord Lace Styles 2017: Top 12 Sexiest Styles Ever

Cord lace styles aka Giupure lace styles has now become ultra trendy winning the hearts of even the youngest girls. As a result, a huge variety of styles very different from Iro & Buba lace materials have appeared.

So if you’re in the process of choosing an outfit for your party this weekend or trying to come up with an idea of a style to make yourself for the vacation – you’re exactly where you need to be right now. We are offering you to check out these latest cord lace styles that you are certain to adore!

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latest cord lace styles

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1. Cord lace designs: basic info

Cord lace is a unique material that you can wear with almost anything. This is especially great if you don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on clothing. You can sew a midi or a maxi dress, a shirt, a skirt, a jumpsuit or virtually anything else.

Nigerian women are known to be highly creative in remaking various Western-style mini dresses into a Naija style featuring Ankara and lace that do a great job embellishing those outfits.

cord lace designs

2. Luxurious maxi look

Choose from an impressive variety of gown styles for cord lace in order to look stunning! For instance, take a look at this beautiful cord lace material made into a luxuriant maxi dress that should be worn with a cute gele.

You simply cannot stay indifferent to this striking Aso ebi style!

cord lace dress styles

3. Sleeveless elegance

You will simply love this maxi cord lace sleeveless dress with a red gele! Featuring an open back, it gives a super elegant air about it. Wear a simple red bracelet to accessorize.

4. Deep in blue

Wearing this maxi fancy dress made of lovely blue lace you will certainly not go unnoticed at any party! Complement your look with a simple black handbag and some cute silver jewelry.

5. Gorgeous minimalism

We think this is one of the most outstanding latest cord lace styles 2017. This minimalistic and yet refined style looks gorgeous with its stunning purple cord lace Aso Ebi worn with a blue gele and lovely simple silver earrings.

6. Midi elegance style

Latest lace gown styles look great on midi dresses.

Knee-length lace dresses are very versatile: they could be worn both to an office and to a wedding or a festive party. You can opt for a ¾ sleeve in cool weather or go for a strapless style when it’s hot. Rock your lace styles with pride!

7. Divine maxi look

This divine white cord lace fabric looks perfect in a sleeveless blouse that should be matched with is a maxi skirt and a royal blue gele.

8. Flowers & asymmetry

This asymmetric dress is made of cute floral lace material and looks best when paired with a gele and an elegant clutch.

9. Queen’s favorite style

This style is everybody’s favorite. The bewitching Iro and Buba Aso Ebi style made of weightless cord lace fabric will make you look like a queen with a green gele and an exquisite watch worn as an accessory.

10. Vivid colors

Bright colors are new trendy this season! Simply check out how great this trend combines with latest cord lace dress styles!

11. Classy & gorgeous look

This Iro and Buba style outfit is made of gorgeous lace that looks perfect with your favorite gele and gold accessories. Don’t forget about a simple clutch.

12. Delightful simplicity

You can’t beat the simplicity of this style. Yet it’s extremely delightful especially if worn with a pretty gele, a purple clutch and matching shoes.

13. Open-back sexuality

This slotted open-back delicate cord lace gown looks best when worn with a black purse and a pair of simple black sandals.

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