Off Shoulder Ankara Styles 2017-2018

Off shoulder Ankara styles are one of the Nigerian fashion trends that can look classy and flirty at the same time. That is why they are such a popular choice among Nigerian beauties who want to look their best.

Even though the off shoulder style is mostly featured in casual fashion, there are plenty of evening gowns and gorgeous aso ebi looks with an off shoulder cut. Check out some of the best Ankara off shoulder styles available today.

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1. Off shoulder Ankara tops

The easiest way to incorporate some stylish off shoulder Ankara wears into your wardrobe is to get a couple of off shoulder tops. You can wear them with nearly all kinds of bottoms, from classic straight-leg pants to skinny ripped jeans and from streamlined pencil skirts to fun flared ones.

If you want to make sure the new off shoulder Ankara blouse will seamlessly fit into your everyday style, you can choose one in a traditional color scheme, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, you’re definitely going to enjoy some of the more vividly colored tops.

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Off shoulder Ankara tops

off shoulder Ankara blouse

2. Off shoulder crop top

The crop top trend is getting hotter and hotter every year, which is why it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that it made its way into the world of off shoulder Ankara fashion. Ankara crop top styles are worn by celebrities and Nigerian fashionistas alike.

If you want to rock the Ankara off shoulder crop top style, you can do it with any of the bottoms that are currently in your wardrobe: this style looks great with trousers and skirts of all cuts and shapes, so you’ll have zero problems finding the perfect pairing for your Ankara crop tops. Plus, it’s a great way to showcase your killer abs!

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Off shoulder crop top

off shoulder styles

ankara crop tops

3. Off shoulder Ankara gowns

If you’re a girl who can’t live without gorgeous gowns, you can spice up your gown wardrobe with a couple of Ankara off shoulder dresses. No matter which silhouettes and length you prefer, you can easily find the ideal off shoulder Ankara short gowns or long dresses that will fit you like a glove.

The off shoulder gown trend is represented in dozens of different ways. There are knee-length and floor-length gowns, loose-fitting and figure-hugging dresses, casual and evening designs. Combine your off shoulder gown with flats for a playful and casual look, or put on some fabulous heels and striking jewelry to easily turn it into an evening outfit.

Off shoulder Ankara gowns

off shoulder ankara short gowns

ankara off shoulder styles

4. Off shoulder aso ebi styles

Since the off shoulder trend is dominating women’s fashion right now, it’s not surprising that many of the latest aso ebi looks feature the off shoulder cut. If you have a wedding or other important event to attend and want to be the best dressed guest, you should go for an off shoulder aso ebi look.

Despite the playful off shoulder detail, these aso ebi outfits look as classy and charming as the ones we’re used to, and it’s very likely that soon off shoulder styles will become as popular as the aso ebi styles that we have worn for years and even decades.

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Off shoulder aso ebi styles

off shoulder aso ebi styles

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