Human Hair Wigs: Best Brands

Human hair extensions and human hair wigs are now the most popular way to get a new hairstyle without any damage to your own hair. Not every human hair weave is a good-looking, high quality wig you want to wear. Check out these 10 best human hair wigs!

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1. Kurly Klips

This wig making company is on a mission to supply women with top quality natural hair extensions and wigs. This brand is mostly focused on kinky Afro styles, so if you’re in a mood for a hairstyle chance, you’ll definitely find your new favourite style in their collection!


BEEOS is a brand that makes cheap human hair wigs for every style and occasion. Their most popular style is a 10 inch straight weave, but you can also find the coveted cheap human hair weave 18 inches in their beautiful variety of wig styles.

3. King Me Hair

Making crochet braids with human hair is very trendy right now, and there is no better way to ensure your crochet braids look splendid than to use top quality human hair for braiding from King Me Hair, a brand that specializes in all kinds of braiding.

4. BFF Girl

BFF Girl is a Chinese brand of human hair wigs that has wigs in every style and colour you can imagine. They cater to all kinds of buyers, and the great news for Nigerian beauties is that you can easily find a Ghana weave wig in their lineup of human hair.

5. Miracle Hair

If you’ve been looking for good human hair wigs for a long time, you’ve probably come across the Miracle weave, a brand that wig fans swear by. There are dozens of Miracle weavon styles you can do with the help of the hair you buy from this brand.

6. Curl Sistas

If you’ve always been a fan of Marley hair extensions in Nigeria, here is another thing you might like – the gorgeous curly extensions that are super easy to install. Creating a full Afro look won’t take you more than 15 minutes!

7. Tomo

There are many brands that specialize in crochet weaves in Nigeria, but few of them have the variety of lengths, curls and colours like Tomo. Tomo is another Asian wig brand, and their selection of human hair for crocheting is simply unmatched.

8. Heat Free Hair

According to thousands of human hair wigs reviews, Heat Free Hair is the go-to brand for anyone who prefers virgin hair that has never been dyed or permed. With the help of wigs and extensions from Heat Free Hair you can finally try the styles you’ve always wanted to!

9. Sleek

As it’s clear from their name, Sleek specialize in straightened and glossy looks that are perfect to wear as they are or to style into curls, waves, or any other style you prefer. This natural hair weave comes in a variety of lengths and has a comfortable lace closure.

10. Haute Kinky Hair

Another human hair brand is Haute Kinky Hair. Their speciality is the different textures, including kinks, curls, and coils. Plus, they offer their wigs in a range of colours, which even includes the trendy grey shade!

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