Transparent Car Unveiled In Germany

The future is approaching faster than most of us can anticipate: while we were all waiting for the first Mercedes transparent car, another German company unveiled their own version of a transparent car. Find out everything about it right now!

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1. German car market

It’s safe to say that Germany is the world’s most innovative and productive manufacturer of cars. Most of car brands based in Germany have been in the automotive industry for decades and are known for their impressive build quality, gorgeous design, and use of latest technology.

What cars are made in Germany? The three most famous car brands that were founded in Germany are, of course, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and BMW. By the way, did you know that you can find affordable and neat used cars from BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen on Jiji?

However, the list of German-made cars doesn’t stop there, as this country has also been the birthplace of Audi, Opel, and Porsche, all of which have won the hearts of millions of drivers around the world. Shop Porsche, Audi, and Opel cars on Jiji!

2. Transparent car in Germany

Unsurprisingly for those who are familiar with the German automotive industry, this country – specifically, the company called ZF Friedrichshafen AG, presented the first ever fully transparent car on second day of the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The new see-through car instantly became the talk of the whole automotive world, as even the most seasoned car experts couldn’t believe that ZF Friedrichshafen AG has finally achieved what so many have attempted to do in the past – create a completely transparent vehicle.

3. Transparent car features

The car is build as a two-door sedan with two rows of seats. The lack of passenger doors may be an inconvenience, but since the car is not intended for mass production, it’s not going to be a problem. The transparent car is equipped with airbags and other safety mechanisms for a secure drive.

Not much is known about the performance specs of the new vehicle, but, knowing that it comes from Germany, we can safely assume that the car sports all the latest innovations and driving features a modern driver could ever dream of.

The greatest thing about this see-through vehicle is that every part of it offers a clear view of the inside of the car. We’re used to seeing a clear car windscreen, but seeing a transparent car mats and roof may be shocking for some auto fans.

The transparent car price hasn’t been revealed yet: even though the company behind the car believes we will all be driving transparent cars in the next decade, the see-through vehicle is still years away from mass production. Check out some transparent car images!

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