How To Move To Canada: Everything You Need To Know

Immigration and Canada immigration in particular continues to be a hot topic among Nigerians. Moving to Canada is a lifelong dream for millions of Nigerian families, but getting a Canada visa is not an easy challenge. Find out how to move to Canada with our guide!

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1. Check your admissibility

One of the key factors that influences the successful outcome of your decision to migrate to Canada is if you turn out to be inadmissible according to the Canadian government. The most common reasons for inadmissibility are:

  • You are a security threat
  • You have links to organized crime
  • You are unable to proof your sufficient financial status
  • You have major health problems
  • You lied in your application or during the interview
  • You have committed crimes, including human rights violations
  • One of the members of your family is not allowed to enter Canada

2. Choose an appropriate program

Before you learn the answer to the question “How can I move to Canada?“, first you need to know what you’ll be doing in Canada. The most important thing to know here is that Canada is only looking for skilled professionals or businessmen.

There are several programs for those aiming for a Canada visa application. One of the most popular ones is Express Entry, which contains a list of professions ranging from social workers and cooks to dentists and plumbers. If you have proof of your experience in the field, then your chances to live and work in Canada are considerably higher.

Another popular program is for startupers and businessmen who plan to relocate to Canada and develop their business there. You need to be able to explain the nature and the viability of your future business to the admissions officer.

3. Visit the High Commission of Canada

To make it easier for Nigerian citizens to know how to migrate to Canada, there is a special institution called the High Commission of Canada in Nigeria with offices in several big cities. The commission deals with all kinds of issues, from studying and working in Canada to to filing an admission application and guides on protecting you against fraud.

4. Gather the paperwork

Like most immigration processes, getting permission to move to Canada requires a lot of paperwork. You can get the detailed Canada visa requirements for paperwork at the Commission, since the list differs depending on the type of visa you’re applying to.

At the very least, in order to legally move to Canada, you will need to provide the following papers:

  • Canadian immigrant visa for each family member
  • Confirmation of permanent residence for each family member
  • Passport or other legal travel document for each family member
  • A list of items that are travelling with you and arriving later

Another important step in your “How to immigrate to Canada” process is paying the application fee. The more family members are travelling with you, the more you’ll have to pay. The fee for one individual is 550 CAD, while a family of two adults and a while will need to pay 1250 CAD.

5. Wait for the results

One of the first things anyone will tell you about how to get Canada visa is that it’s a waiting game. The process of reviewing your application can take over a year, and even if you’re applying through the Express Entry program, the process will take between 6 and 12 months.

While you’re waiting, you can spend time preparing to become a Canadian citizen. For example, you can polish your English skills, learn more about the daily life in Canada, or find people from your future location online and get in touch with them.

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