Pre Wedding Photoshoot Dresses: Top 20 Styles

A pre-wedding photoshoot is one of the most exciting events preceding the actual wedding. On this day you and your partner take touching and romantic photographs in your best pre-wedding outfits. Get inspired by these 20 pre-wedding photoshoot dresses in Nigeria!

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1. Traditional pre-wedding shoot dresses

Many brides opt for including traditional wear into their pre-wedding photoshoot looks: whether it’s a subtle fragment or a full-on native gown, honouring the traditions is a very popular way to dress for the photoshoot.

This couple chose Kente fabric for their pre-wedding style, and both outfits look closely related yet different enough to make a great impression.

The perfect compromise between wanting to include some native wear in your look and liking the pre-wedding photo casual wear is a combination of an Ankara skirt with a custom made T-shirt.

A great idea for a summer pre-wedding photoshoot is a lightweight and flirty gown made from your favourite Ankara fabric, complete with the groom’s traditional wear.

Gold and red are a truly classy choice for a wedding-themed photoshoot, and it looks even better in a traditional maxi dress.

If you’re a modern bride who want to try something different for her pre-wedding shoot while still honouring the traditions, why not go for a stylish Ankara top that you will definitely wear again once the wedding is over?

Aso Ebi is a popular choice of pre wedding dressing gowns: they look fabulous in photos and make the bride feel like a fairytale princess.

A traditional fabric like Ankara works perfectly with a traditional silhouette – a floor-length gown with a peplum and a majestic train.

Here is another example of how colourful and vibrant Kente fabric can flawlessly match an important occasion like a pre-wedding shoot.

If regular pre-wedding outfits don’t seem authentic enough for you, you’ll definitely enjoy the way your couple looks in native wear!

When a couple’s tastes align perfectly to create the ideal pre wedding photo style, it’s a sign that your marriage is destined to work!

2. Modern pre-wedding shoot dresses

If you’re reserving a native wear outfit for the wedding itself or decided to not include any traditional wear into your wedding style at all, these modern outfits for a bride are exactly what you need for inspiration.

This is how you go all-in for your pre-wedding photoshoot look: the only thing you need to worry about is whether your wedding gown will top your photoshoot gown.

A simple yet elegant gown made of flowing fabric is a great idea for a modern pre-wedding photoshoot.

Strapless design and sparkling gold fabric are two components for making your pre-wedding shoot look simply unforgettable.

The next blue dress is as casual as a pre-wedding dress can get: not only can it be worn on dozens of other occasions, but it also looks perfect with the groom’s denim outfit.

If you’re the kind of bride who wants everyone’s eyes on her during the photoshoot, think about a truly impressive gown design: for example, combining lace with hundreds of layers of satin is always a good idea.

An all-white pre-wedding photoshoot outfit isn’t the most common choice for brides who prefer to wear white to the wedding itself, but it’s definitely a risk worth taking.

If you’re saving your most impressive gown for the wedding and want to look casual and modern for the photoshoot, wear matching denim outfits with cool sneakers together with the groom!

Showcase your beautiful curves with a flawlessly fitted dress in a dramatic colour!

Let everyone know you’re the queen and the king of the wedding with a gorgeous royal-themed pre-wedding shoot.

Striking red colour, sequins, and mesh are a recipe for a winning pre-wedding photoshoot look.

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