High-Demand Products In Nigeria In 2018

In the age of globalization, people tend to start thinking alike and creating a personal comfort zone that seem very similar regardless of where they are from. It is illustrated clearly by the media content we prefer and our shopping habits.

Nevertheless, both are still influenced by the peculiarities of the local environment, traditional values and outlook, and of course everyday realities. Speaking about shopping in Nigeria, it has become one of the favorite occupations, especially with the rapid development of e-commerce and classifieds like Jiji.ng.

We analyzed the shopping habits of our visitors in order to make the TOP-10 high-demand products people were interested in or have bought lately. There is good news for you: Nigerians look for things they are going to use with pleasure. Here are some of the most popular.

high demand products in Nigeria

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus

Apple releases new gadgets so frequently that it is impossible to keep track of each. On the one hand, it may upset the tech hunters. On the other hand, the previous models become cheaper. Thus, iPhone 6 has become affordable for everyone while offering the same impressive functionality.

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High heels

The searching requests and ad captions demonstrate how demanding Nigerian fashionistas are. Cute high heels, waterproof high heels, red high heels, Ankara high heels… the list can go on and on until the ladies are out of outfits (so it probably never happens).

Toyota cars

It is complicated to argue that a car isn’t a luxury anymore. For many people, it is as significant item as a smartphone. More and more Nigerians are looking forward to becoming drivers. Those who are already on the roads prefer Toyota cars – Corolla, Camry, and Sienna in particular.

Home theater

If there is something people need more than personal transport, it is entertainment. It comes in different forms, and home theater is one of the most popular. Get a big screen, high-quality speakers, and a streaming service, and you will never need to leave your house to have fun. Just invite friends instead.


Who do you think asks for a playing console more often, a child or an adult? It has been proved that Sony PlayStation is a perfect gift for true gamers and amateurs regardless of their age. We are all kids deep inside, and PS4 sales clearly demonstrate this.


There is hardly a person who can survive in a modern world without a PC. We can talk a lot about hi-tech smartphones and tablets, about minimizing web surfing time and so on, but the fact that a PC is an item crucial for work and studying is undeniable. So just grab a Windows laptop or a Macbook like other customers do.

Natural cosmetics

Nowadays, people understand that taking care of themselves is much more than just a make-up. Whether Nigerians are looking for decorative cosmetics, shower gels, whitening creams or any other items, they prefer natural ones and without any side effects.

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Power generators

Power cutoffs are no joke. Besides obvious inconveniences, they can cause a lot of damage to your cache or your business. Unfortunately, Nigeria is yet to deal with this problem. Currently, people take everything under their personal control and shop for power generators – the only available backup; they shop for stability.

Electronic shisha pen

Say “hi” to one more global trend spreading fast all over the world. Portable e-cigarettes with different flavors turned from a trendy thing into the completely ordinary thing. Well, at least they are less harmful to a smoker and his surrounding and certainly more convenient.  


On the one hand, this is too general. On the other hand, Nigerians are almost obsessed with the outfits, and there’s no such thing as a favorite one. From Ankara and gele styles to the plain T-shirts for branding, clothes are always in high demand.

high demand products in Nigeria

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