Wrap Dress Styles You Will Love

It seems like the wrap dress has been around for years and it’s only getting more popular. Today you can wear your favourite wrap gown anywhere, from the beach to the office. Check out 15 different ways to wear a wrap dress!

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1. Long Ankara wrap dress

One of the best ways to make your wrap dress design stand out is to combine two contrasting fabrics in one garment. For example, this black satin really makes the vibrant Ankara pattern pop!

Wrap dress styles you will love

2. Chiffon wrap dress

Chiffon is a delicate and lightweight fabric that works fantastic with a wrap dress design. Plus, the cold shoulder detailing makes this dress a prime example of of 2018’s trends in women’s fashion.

Wrap dress styles you will love

3. Maxi Ankara wrap gown

If you’re looking for ways to rock your wrap maxi dress to special occasions, the key is to keep the design of the gown more intricate than your everyday wear.

Wrap dress styles you will love

4. Plain and pattern white dress

Combining two different fabrics in one beautiful dress is a very effective strategy – this wrap dress pattern with black and floral fabrics will surely hundreds of Nigerian fashionistas to try a similar look.

Wrap dress styles you will love

5. Cowl neck wrap dress

If you’re wondering how to adjust your favourite wrap dress style for the colder seasons, there are dozens of options. A cowl neck is a timeless design that works fantastic with wrap dress styles.

Wrap dress styles you will love

6. Purple satin wrap dress

Satin is a very festive fabric that couldn’t be a better choice for the most special of occasions. Next time you’re invited to a wedding, consider wearing a version of this dress!

Wrap dress styles you will love

7. Cold shoulder wrap dress

With so many women rocking Ankara wrap dress styles, making your dress stand out may not be the easiest task. Luckily, adding even one interesting detail like cold shoulders instantly makes your look more impressive!

Wrap dress styles you will love

8. Midi Ankara wrap dress

Sometimes you just want a cute and trendy casual wrap dress, and in that case, this knee-length Ankara wrap dress is one of your best options.

Wrap dress styles you will love

9. Floral wrap dress

There are gorgeous floral patterns that look best in evening wear, but with an understated floral pattern against a black background, you can successfully include this wrap dress in your work wardrobe.

Wrap dress styles you will love

10. Short wrap dres

When it comes to a wrap dress, short length is not the most common option. However, with the right footwear and accessories an ultra short wrap dress can be worn even to the hottest party.

Wrap dress styles you will love

11. V-neck maxi wrap dress

The design of this Ankara wrap dress with a V-neck is rather universal and versatile, but we believe that the best place to wear this gown is a fun day at the beach.

Wrap dress styles you will love

12. Wrap dress with puff sleeves

Puff sleeves are so adorable and eye-catching that any outfit will benefit from this design. Plus, the bold floral pattern of this dress makes it one of the seasons’s must-haves.

Wrap dress styles you will love

13. Off-shoulder wrap dress

If you love following fashion trends and combining as many of them as possible in your style, here is a dress you cannot miss! The off-shoulder design is what 2018’s fashion is all about.

Wrap dress styles you will love

14. A-line wrap dress

The A-line dress design has a number of benefits: the relaxed fit is very comfortable to wear and looks fabulous on any body shape.

Wrap dress styles you will love

15. Long wrap dress with split

If you want to be the best-dressed guest anywhere you go, a thigh-high is your best bet – in this dress you will never be able to go unnoticed!

Wrap dress styles you will love

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