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Nigerian Beads Making: Full Guide & Best Tutorials

Did you ever want to learn how to make Nigerian beads? With this post it’s going to be a piece of cake for! It is not really effort or time-consuming while the materials do not cost much and are easily found.

You don’t have to attend any classes in order to learn how to make beads. You could perfectly do with the information and links in this post and become a bead making pro in no time!

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What is bead making

bead is a small, decorative object that is formed in a variety of shapes and sizes of a material such as stone, bone, shell, glass, plastic, wood or pearl and that a small hole is drilled for threading or stringing.Beads range in size from under 1 millimeter (0.039 in) to over 1 centimeter (0.39 in) in diameter.

how to make Nigerian beads

1.Different types of bead designs:

    • Rondelles, bugle and seed beads remind little tubes, available in small sizes and good for delicate samples.
    • Chatons are little crystals that guarantee sparkling effect.
    • Faceted beads create sparkling effect thanks to numerous  flat sides.
    • Flatbacks are crystals flat on one side that can be applied with glue.
    • Gem beads are semi-precious and often include natural gemstone.
  • Pearls are the most desired beads, consistent in size and finish and sometimes different in colors.

When beads are ready, choose the technique.

    • Crimping bead technique. Crimping bead technique is mostly used for making necklace and bracelet. It is the art of compressing a crimp bead to hold all the components of a piece of jewelry together.
    • Plain wire loop technique. Plain wire loops are basics for beginners. Thread a bid onto an eyepin and fix it, then attach to another one.
    • Wire technique. Not complicated, but it requires concentration. Cut a piece of wire and string beads with the help of loop.
  • Pearl knotting technique. It is similar to the previous one, but it uses a thread and knot after every bead.

2.Bead making tools

Even if bead making for beginners doesn’t not imply having any experience, what it does imply is purchasing all the necessary supplies for creating your hand-made masterpieces. The materials include beads and wire for them, head and eye pins, crimps, covers and cutters for them, different types of pliers, a ruler and clasps.

2. How to make Nigerian beads necklace. Step by step

Nigerian bead making tutorials

Having purchased the supplies, make up your mind about what exactly you want to create. Using beads you can make a necklace, a choker, a bracelet (even for watches) or a friendship bracelet, earrings, a fashion bag, toys (both for children and souvenirs), diadems, brooches, decorative braids.

Nigerian beads necklace

Let’s take a closer look at how to make beads necklace. The following are the steps you should take:

Step 1:

Make up your mind about how long you want your necklace to be and cut the fishing line with the cutter, adding a few extra inches for the clasp.

Step 2:

Hold the fishing line in your hands and start pushing beads to the left and the right of the fishing line until you get the desired number of beads. If you wish you can use different colors the beads to create your own design.

Step 3:

Having strung the line with the desired number of beads, add two stoppers on the left and two on the right side of the necklace and fix the clasp. Try to leave some space in between the beads for the necklace to look round and not too rigid.

Step 4:

Place the fishing line that is left into the hole of some of the beads through the clasp and the stopper so the beads won’t fall off.

Step 5:

Clip the fishing line with pliers so that everything holds firmly. Your brand-new bead necklace is ready!

After you learn this basic technique, you will be able to make bead decorations of different designs and to even sophisticated accessories like earrings, bracelets and small handbags.

3. Where can you train to do bead-making in Nigeria?

Even the best bead making tutorial won’t make you a real pro, though.

The following you will find the best Nigerian bead makers that you can contact if you want to get some real training:

  • Bellissimo Aso oke Beads
  • Artsmith Collections
  • Leries Accessories
  • Esther of Kish jewelry.

4. Bead making videos

Bead making for beginners

Here you’ll find detailed World’s and Nigerian bead making tutorials:

How to make a beautiful statement necklace in an easy way bead making tutorial video

Right angle weave millipede necklace or bracelet

Bugle bead spiral necklace or bracelet tutorial

New Abuja connection necklace tutorial

Flat spiral beaded necklace tutorial

How to make a simple beaded heart

How to make a simple beaded purse bag

How to bead a purple pearl lace necklace for brides

Make a beaded bracelet with a clasp – jewelry making tutorial

How to make chic netted rope bead bracelet

How to make a beaded talking drum – bead making tutorial

Do you have more unique bead making ideas? Feel free to share them with the world – leave your comments!

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