Top 5 Beautiful House Designs In Nigeria

Architecture is something, that we observe every day, and yet it is still an art. Modern architecture has a huge variety to it, that’s why there are so many different beautiful house designs in Nigeria. If you’re trying to choose the design you want to make your house by, but you don’t know, which one of the modern house designs in Nigeria suits you the best, take a look at these great Nigerian houses design.

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1. Bungalow

Nigerian bungalow houses have always been popular among the lower classes because they were relatively cheaper and easier to build. The latest bungalow designs in Nigeria are very different from the first simple and moderate house plans.

Modern bungalows are a great way to escape from the vanity of civilization and enjoy the surrounding nature with your family. 4-bedroom bungalow house plans in Nigeria will be great to accommodate a few generations of your family, but you will be forced to share a kitchen and/or bathroom, so in this case, maybe you’d want to take a look at the next house design.

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4-bedroom bungalow house plans in Nigeria Nigerian bungalow houses

2. Duplex

Modern duplex house designs in Nigeria can simply be described as a house, divided into two apartments. Although this description is accurate, it doesn’t reflect the convenience behind the design and all the creative ideas you can apply to it.

Duplex is the best choice for a big family, as it allows you to be close to one another, while still not invading each other’s privacy.

This house plan includes two separate entrances into each apartment, the building is often having two floors and every apartment is equipped with everything needed for a living, from the kitchen to bathroom. Two apartments can be completely separate or have a common room.Modern duplex house designs in Nigeria

5. Contemporary style

This house design uses simple shapes and straight lines to deliver a modern feel to its exterior. These houses usually have flat roofs and create a feeling of differently sized boxes put together in random order.

This style is original and unusual, somehow it creates a feeling of house someone would build on Mars. If you want to stand out of the crowd, then this design is just for you.Contemporary style

4. Mansion

Many Nigeria house plan design styles are pretty expensive, and this one is close to the most expensive there is. Mansions are often made with excess, they show their owners’ wealth. They are often accompanied by large areas of land; house design features a lot of rooms with plenty of space for guests.

Of course, some modern mansions are designed to look more down-to-earth, but they are still mostly available for people, who are ready to pay a pretty large amount of money.Mansion

5. Glass house

This nigerian house plans with photos is great for a house, that is situated in some kind of open space or with beautiful sights around. Its main features are huge glass panel walls, that are usually situated in house’s dinner or living room.

Although it exposes the occupants to everyone outside, it also fills rooms with light and allows your eyes to enjoy nature from the comfort of your house. The filling of transparency is often amplified with built-in balconies and terraces.

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Glass house

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