10 Delicious Breakfasts Under 10 Minutes

It’s safe to assume that no one has the time to cook an elaborate breakfast when there is only an hour to get ready for work, but the lack of time doesn’t mean that you have to stuff your face with boring sandwiches or cereal with milk. With JiJi’s 10 delectable breakfast recipes you’ll start every morning in a good mood – simply pick one of these 10 ideas and surprise your whole family!

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1. Cheese and mushroom scrambled eggs

scrambled-eggs-with-mushrooms-and-onions-lgThere are hundreds of ways to cook eggs, but this one is probably our favorite. Fry some sliced mushrooms and shredded cheese, add eggs beat together with milk, and scramble continuously until the eggs are cooked and firm. Serve on its own or on a toast, and add a cup of coffee.

2. Avocado toast

GrilledAvocadoToastIn the recent years avocado has taken the first spot as a food that both tastes good and is good for your body. Take advantage of these qualities by making your family an avocado-based breakfast: serve sliced avocado on top of freshly toasted bread; you can enhance this recipe by adding a fried eggs, slices of cheese, and your favorite spices.

3. Yogurt smoothie

shutterstock_57896497-355x355Smoothies are one of the latest craze of healthy eating – in fact, we believe there are no better ways to combine your favorite fruits, berries, juices and other liquids. One of the best smoothie bases is natural yogurt that you can enhance with fresh fruits, berries, fruit juices, and anything you want.

4. Oatmeal

Savory-Spinach-Goat-Cheese-Oatmeal1-e1407878173614When it comes to healthy eating, only a few products can compete with oatmeal. This healthy, tasty and nutritious grain can be used as a base for so many great dishes. You can eat oatmeal with savory or sweet additions – our favorite recipe is oatmeal + salt + grated cheese + pumpkin seeds.

5. Poached egg on toast

poached-eggs-on-avocado-toastPoached eggs are considered to be a pinnacle of one’s culinary talent, because cooking a perfect poached egg takes a lot of skills, but as soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll start producing one ideal poached egg after another. Serve yours on toast, with some bacon and cheese, and you’ll have an Eggs Benedict ready.

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6. Mini pizzas

Pizza-On-A-Bagel-Recipezaar.lCooking a pizza from scratch can take a few hours, but our recipe is much easier. Take a bagel or leftover buns, cut in half, spread some tomato sauce, add chopped sausage or meat, cover with grated cheese, and cook until the cheese has melted and the mini pizzas look extremely appetizing. This is a breakfast the whole family will love!

7. Banana toast

banana_french_toastBanana can be used for so many sweet and savory recipes, but this one will make a perfect breakfast. Toast a piece of bread from both sides, cover with honey, jam, or peanut butter, and add sliced banana on top. Not only is this breakfast fast and delicious, it’s also very nutritious and will give you enough energy to work until lunch.

8. Fruit and cheese

rec_r1_5171ecIf you’ve overslept, don’t have the time to eat your breakfast at home, and need something to take with you to work, opt for a delicious fruit + cheese combination. Slice your favorite fruits (for example, apples), cut the cheese in little cubes, put both in a plastic bag, and enjoy your healthy breakfast on your way to work or right in the workplace.

9. Waffles

2213A classic American breakfast, waffles can be a wonderful addition to your breakfast menu. Waffle batter can be made beforehand, so that in the morning all you have to do is fry waffles in a waffle maker, cover them in peanut butter, jam, or butter, and serve with fresh fruit, berries, and nuts. Our favorite waffle filler is bananas, although you can try virtually anything.

10. Microwave omelet

2310_omelet_in_cupEggs are a staple breakfast food all around the world, but when fried or poached eggs start boring you, go for this single-serving omelet recipe. Beat an egg with milk, grated cheese, seasonings, chopped sausage, and your favorite veggies, pour the mixture into a microwaveable mug, and cook for a couple of minutes – that’s it, a super easy and delicious breakfast is done!

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