The Latest Dashiki Styles To Try

Out of all clothing trends popular in Nigeria right now, dansiki designs are probably the most versatile ones. Depending on the cut and the styling, a danshiki outfit can be worn by women, men, and children, regardless of the occasion.

Even though dashiki wears have been known for a long time, every season there are new trends that every fashion-forward Nigerian simply has to try. Find out which latest dashiki styles this year has in store!

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1. What is dashiki style?

Danshiki used to be an exclusive component of men’s fashion – as part of the Agbada style, danshiki was worn by Nigerian men for decades. However, later danshiki made a move into women’s wardrobe, and since then we can see thousands of ladies rocking dashiki looks every day.

Whenever you shop for danshiki clothes, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re able to find all kinds of styles, from dresses and tops to overall danshiki outfits, as well a the adorable family looks your whole family can wear. Check out the trendiest ways to wear danshiki!

dashiki style

2. Dashiki tops

If you’re a fan of casual style and want to add a splash of dashiki to your everyday look, a top is the best way to do it. A dashiki top is a perfect pairing for so many items of clothing, from jeans to pencil skirts. No matter if you’re a guy or a lady, you’ll certainly find a suitable dashiki top to finish your outfit and give it an authentic Nigerian feel!

Dashiki tops

3. Dashiki dress

A dashiki dress is one of the most popular traditional Nigerian styles that is beloved by regular women and celebrities alike. Your opportunities for choosing the right shape and length of the dress are nearly endless, as every respectable fashion brand and designer has their own version of the danshiki. A dashiki gown can also be worn on special occasions thanks to its regal and formal look.

dashiki dress

dashiki gown

4. Dashiki bottoms and suits

Another great way to rock the dashiki look is to get one or a few dashiki bottoms: skirts and pants. You can wear them with matching dashiki tops, creating a dashiki suit, or pair them with solid-colored tops to make the dashiki print pop. Additionally, you can find lots of latest dashiki styles in form of ready-made suits.

Dashiki bottoms and suits

danshiki look

5. Dashiki family look

Dressing your whole family in Nigerian dashiki is a very fun activity: in case you and your loved ones are heading for a wedding, a day out in the city, or a stylish family photoshoot, choosing dashiki outfits for every member of the family is certainly a great idea.

You can either find a selection of dashiki styles for every age and gender online, or have them custom made for you by a tailor.

Dashiki family look

danshiki styles

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