How To Make Liquid Soap Like Morning Fresh

Morning Fresh is a popular dishwashing soap that is known in numerous countries around the world. It’s known for its effectiveness against grease and its lack of negative impact on the sensitive hand skin. Want to know how to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh? Check out the ultimate dishwashing liquid soap recipe!

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1. Morning Fresh ingredients

If you are completely new to the process of homemade liquid soap making, you are probably wondering: what are the ingredients for making liquid soap? The truth is that in order to make an effective and safe dishwashing solution, you will need some very specific ingredients.

Most of them are designed for household goods manufacturers, which means it can take you a lot of effort to actually find them. You can try online sources or visit your local shop that sells chemical ingredients for shampoo, soap, and dishwashing soap manufacturers.

So what exactly will you need to make your first few bottles of dishwashing soap that resembles Morning Fresh? Here is a complete list of ingredients:

  • Water – 10L
  • Sulphonic acid – 1L
  • Soda ash – 1/4kg
  • Caustic soda – 1/4kg
  • Sodium Laurel Sulphate – 1/4kg
  • CMC, PacR or Entisol – 1/4kg
  • Texapon – 1/4kg
  • Green or yellow coloring
  • Perfume (lemon if you want to recreate the Morning Fresh scent or any other of your favorite smells)

How to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh

2. How to make Morning Fresh liquid soap

So now that you know which ingredients go into making the Morning Fresh-like dishwashing soap, time to get to mixing! Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make Morning Fresh at your own home:

  1. Soak the CMC, PacR or Entisol in a large amount of water for 2 or 3 days. How to know when the mixture is ready for the next steps? Look at the color and consistency of the mixture. It should be homogenous and opaquely white, like starch that was dissolved in water.
  2. Next, dissolve the soda ash until it’s completely homogeneous with the water and pour the solution into your CMC mixture.
  3. Repeat the previous step with SLS: mix it with water until it is properly dissolved and pour into the CMC solution.
  4. Do the same with the 1/4kg of texapon. When the texapon is completely dissolved, pour it into the main mixture for Morning Fresh.
  5. Add 1L of sulphonic acid. Stir the mixture well.
  6. Dissolve caustic soda in a moderate amount of water. Once the caustic soda is completely homogenous, pour it into the mixture.
  7. When you constantly stir the soap mixture, some lather will form on the surface of the mixture. Your job here is to gently scoop out the later without scooping out large amounts of the soap.
  8. Once the lather is scooped out of the solution and the soap is clear, add the perfume and coloring. Stir well until the mixture looks completely uniform in color.

That’s it! Your Morning Fresh dishwashing soap is done. Pour it into the bottles and store for personal use, a gift to your family members and friends, or start your own dishwashing soap production business.

How to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh

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