How To Start A Fashion Business In Nigeria

If you love fashion and are always looking for more opportunities to make money, you probably wondered at some point in your life: how to start a clothing line? The work of a fashion designer is challenging but very rewarding, both personally and financially. Find out how to start a fashion business in Nigeria right now!

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1. Choose your type of fashion business

Before you find out how to start a fashion business from home, let’s take a look at the three most popular business opportunities in fashion:

  1. Fashion design business, which is very creative and always requires you to use your imagination and learn new skills. Custom clothing has a very high demand in Nigeria and has great opportunities for growing your business. Plus, if you have good sewing skills, you can make extra cash by fixing other people’s clothes.
  2. Fashion retail business, which means you will buy clothes from other manufacturers in bulk and sell them to customers. If you keep your prices affordable, you will attract the customers who find custom designer clothing to be too expensive.
  3. Fashion import business, where you will buy clothes from overseas and sell them in Nigeria online or in physical stores. Most clothes importers in Nigeria today buy their goods from Chinese sellers. This is the most capital-intensive business idea in fashion.

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How to start a fashion business in Nigeria

2. Practice regularly

Whether you are planning to sew clothes by yourself or only design them and have a factory sew the clothes for you, you cannot do either of those things without proper practice. Ideally, you should get some kind of formal training on how to design and sew clothes, but if you have a talent and constantly improve your skills, training is not compulsory.

How to start a fashion business in Nigeria

3. Create your designs

If you are wondering how to start a fashion line, remember that the most important aspect of your business is the design of the clothes. No matter how much you know about how to start a fashion business – if your designs are not good, no one will buy your creations.

When designing clothes, it’s important to be creative. All famous fashion designers got their first recognition by surprising the public with their designs. Make sure to constantly surround yourself with inspiration, whether it’s fashion magazines, Pinterest, or celebrity Instagram accounts. Sketch down every idea you have, and that way you will soon have a beautiful collection of designs.

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How to start a fashion business in Nigeria

4. Create a business plan

A fashion design business plan is the foundation of a successful fashion business. With an expertly written business plan, you will be prepared for any aspect of your enterprise. You will know about the possible challenges, expected revenue, your closest competitors, and ways to scale your business. Writing a business plan all by yourself is rather difficult, but you can always find professional business plan writers in Nigeria online.

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How to start a fashion business in Nigeria

5. Bring your designs to life

If you are here to learn how to start a fashion design business from home, the next step is rather straightforward: now you need to sit behing your sewing machines and create as many items as needed to consider your business successfully launched.

If you are planning to have a third party sew your designs, first you need to find a factory. Most Nigerian fashion entrepreneurs today hire Chinese factories for these purposes. You can find plenty of options on websites like Alibaba. However, you need to make sure your contractor clearly understands what the products will be and what they should look like, so that you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Once your designs are ready, all that is left to do is market and sell them. Now that it’s 2019, you don’t even need a physical location! You can conduct all of your business online. Advertise your clothes on social media websites and sell them on Jiji to find out what it’s like to run a successful business from home.

How to start a fashion business in Nigeria

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