10 Health Benefits Of Cloves & Top Healing Recipes

We all had used this spice in cooking for many times. Cloves are often added to pickles for preservation, used in baking and cooking flavored stewed fruit, mulled wine and punches.

But did you know that cloves can be used for medicinal purposes? Yes, this spice can cure many diseases due to its unique composition.

Now we will tell you about the health benefits of cloves, list its contraindications, find out the methods of use of the spice for curing different health issues!

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1. Health benefits of cloves

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  1. Antibacterial properties. Clove is effective even against specific bacteria that are spreading with cholera!
  2. Improvement of the gastrointestinal tract, effectiveness in the fight against flatulence, indigestion, and toxicosis of various causes.
  3. Anti-mutagenic property of cloves. Phenylpropanoids that contain in cloves are able to control mutagenic processes, preventing changes in the genetic composition of DNA and thereby preventing mutations.
  4. The anti-inflammatory property of cloves. Eugenol in the chemical composition of the plant causes its anti-inflammatory effect, providing a reduction in pain.
  5. Immunostimulating property. The spice increases white blood cells count.
  6. Anticarcinogenic property of cloves. The spice is effective against lung cancer in its early stages.
  7. Hepatoprotective property. Cloves buds contain a large number of antioxidants, which ideally protect organs (especially the liver) from the negative effects of free radicals.
  8. The spice helps to preserve bone tissue. Aqueous-alcoholic extracts of cloves are useful for preserving the bone cavity, mineral substances in the bone tissue, and they contribute to increasing the strength of the bone tissue in case of osteoporosis.
  9. Stimulation of sexual desire. Cloves are a strong aphrodisiac, even stronger than the well-known drugs of similar purpose.
  10. The analgesic property of cloves. Cloves are very effective against any kind of pain, especially the toothache.

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2. Cloves contraindications

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  • Children’s age (up to two years).
  • High blood pressure.
  • Pregnancy.
  • General state of fatigue and state of internal tension.
  • Gastritis with higher acidity of the stomach.

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3. How to use cloves for health benefits

3.1. How to use cloves for toothache

6 Ways to Use Cloves for Toothache

6 Ways to Use Cloves for Toothache #ClovesBenefits #Toothache #ClovesForToothache #HomeRemedies Cloves for treatment toothache is quite common. The main fact that makes everything stand out is the fact how to use this effectively to get rid of the aching tooth. But, how do cloves relieve toothache?

3.2. How to use cloves for weight loss

No-Exercise, No-Diet – Drink This Magical Clove Water to Lose Weight 100% effective, Natural Remedy

No-Exercise, No-Diet – Drink This Magical Clove Water to Lose Weight 100% effective, Natural Remedy Don’t Forget To Subscribe: https://goo.gl/GxNHT4 Find us on Facebook : https://goo.gl/Gedy3J FInd us on Google+ : https://goo.gl/TDKbpr Visit our website : https://goo.gl/gACZbb pinterest: https://goo.gl/dHdvyF instagram: goo.gl/8o2mym ➜ everyday culture channel talk about health.

3.3. How to use cloves for hair growth

Top 10 Uses of Cloves for Skin and Hair Care

Uploaded by Sooraj Mohan on 2014-11-30.

3.4. How to use cloves to kill parasites

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In this video I share 3 herbs that can help you speed up the process and kill parasites from your body quickly. I also shared an extra herb to help speed up the process so you can get closer to being parasite free and be healed.

3.5. How to use cloves for bad breath

Cinnamon & Clove Mouthwash and Breath Spray| Health & Beauty Aids #4

Come check me out on… Twitter– @VNaisey Instagram– @vnaisey This was a request from a viewer. Took me some time to come up with something that was versatile. I wanted a mouthwash and something I could use as a breath spray too. So that is where this recipe started.

3.6. How to use cloves for infection

Remedy for Stye infection/ Cloves and Epson salt/Info below

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