12 Side Jobs You Can Do For Extra Cash

There are many ways to earn money but sometimes you cannot make enough from your main job. In this case, you need either a new job or an additional source of income. Let’s focus on the latter today. Here are some ideas that can bring extra cash without much effort.

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side jobs for extra cash

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#1. Bakery and pastry

Homemade cakes and sweets are the safe bet. The competition in this sphere is high, but so is the demand. If you know how to bake and decorate cupcakes so they look personalized, how to create original gingerbread cookies, chocolate sweets with original tastes, start selling them.

#2. Photo retouching & creating photo books

You need to know how to work with photo editors or start learning right now. Taking photos is only half of the work, and there are too many people who don’t know how to make those photos look nice. Arranging them in photo books is the next step.

#3. Tutoring

Although you will have to deal mostly with kids, there are many adults who want to improve their writing skills, learn the basics of economics or management, etc. Speaking about children, the opportunities are even more numerous – the assistance with any school subject may be required.

#4. Personal fitness coach

If you know a lot about the healthy lifestyle and preferably have a certification in the related sphere, you can think about creating personal workout programs for people, become a coach in a gym next to your home and work there on the weekend or on the evenings.

#5. Copywriting & ghostwriting

Unlike journalism, copywriting is usually focused on finding information online and processing it into a unique article – it is simpler and quicker. Ghostwriting is a next-level activity: you create materials for other people to publish by their names. You can get orders even for writing books!

side jobs for extra cash

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#6. Knitting and sewing

People who can create clothes already have potential customers. It doesn’t matter what style, designs, materials you prefer – you will find people who are looking for these exact outfits. You can also consider creating extravagant clothes for photoshoots and different handmade accessories (the latter are sought-after, too).

#7. Design

Clothes aren’t the only thing that requires your creating thinking. You can create elements of home decor, wedding and birthday decorations, exclusive Christmas tree decorations, presents, greeting cards, posters, scrapbooks… The list can go on and on, just stop on things you’d like to create in your free time.

#8. Translations

If you have a diploma or proper certifications, you can get serious orders, like medical documents and scientific articles. Nevertheless, a good knowledge of the language will let you deal with simple legal documents, tech translation, books for kids, foreign articles, creating subtitles for videos and movies, and much more.

#9. Painting

This requires talent and some practice. If you like painting, you can sell some of your pictures. Think also about other aspects of artistic activity: try creating art using different techniques and materials, you may come up with something interesting and attract collectors who will pay a lot for it.

#10. Craftsman

This activity also covers a wide range of occupations: you can be a mobile plumber, an electrician, help with different kinds of repairs, assemble furniture – everything people need to keep their homes nice and cozy. IT support will also fit there; computers can break, and there are still so many people who need to reinstall Windows!

side jobs for extra cash

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#11. Dropshipping

In other words, this is re-selling items you order on foreign shopping platforms. Most frequently, people decide to buy stuff from China, sometimes from Korea and Japan, and sell in Nigeria with a commission. Just find some in demand or simply awesome items people will be interested in.

#12. Taxi driver

If you have a car, you can drive people around the town when you have some free time. You don’t need to repaint the car, maybe just a checker pattern attached on the top of your vehicle sometimes. Just don’t turn on music people don’t like.

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