Best Aso Ebi Styles To Wear This Summer!

Nigerian fashion is versatile and it changes so fast! But there is one element that will always be in trend in Nigerian look. Yes, you are right – this is Aso Ebi!

This look is bellowed both by women and men, and it is the most important clothing in every wardrobe in the whole country!

Check out these 7 best Aso Ebi styles to wear this summer and find your inspiration!

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1. Thrilling Aso Ebi party look

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If you like to party (well, who doesn’t?!), this long floor-length attention-grabbing look is a number one solution in your wardrobe. This Aso Ebi style is made out of gold and looks just outstanding!

The sparkly golden dresses are your perfect choice for weddings, breathtaking parties, and proms. You can opt for a printed golden Aso Ebi to make it even more distinctive!

2. Formal Dinner Aso Ebi look

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Check out this Aso Ebi look in blue! It is one of the best style ideas for the formal party, proms and even weddings!

The moonlight, navy or dark blue, dark shades of the Aso Ebi dress look sophisticated and flawless, More than that, these gowns suit any body type! The net and simple design of a dress add to your natural beauty!

3. Celebrity Style Aso Ebi look

Rita Dominic, the Nollywood actress, and well-known fashionista looks just amazing in this Aso Ebi dress!

Well, she always was famous for her looks that draw attention. This fitting sleeveless dress will definitely look elegant on any event.

4. Floor-length dress Aso Ebi look

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This mesh beaded floor-length Aso Ebi gown looks very elegant. It is a must have for any party where you are in the limelight.

It looks sophisticated, elegant and flawless in every colour and style.

5. Trending Nigerian Aso Ebi

Off shoulder Aso Ebi styles are always in demand among the Nigerian ladies, but this nice black lace dress looks extraordinary chic. Try this look when going to a wedding evening – and you won’t be mistaken!

The exceptional design of this gown helps to create a distinctive and inimitable look. You can choose the matching colours according to your preferences or theme of the event!

6. Native Aso Ebi look

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The modern native style allows you to create a fashionable look staying close to your roots. This attractive style is just a perfect solution for a bright Nigerian wedding!

7. Amazing Net Aso Ebi look

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Aso Ebi stylish dress made out of a net lace is a beauty that doesn’t come out of the trend.

The floor-length gown with full sleeves is a nice combination of Nigerian western outfit that looks stunning on weddings and formal events, bridal showers and fun engagement parties!

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