Pros and cons of working in sales

The sales manager is one of the most sought-after professions in the world.

The essence of the work is to contact a potential client and offer to buy a product or service. It is necessary to convince the client to buy the product in his company.

And now let’s evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of working as a sales manager!

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1. Pros and cons of working in sales

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1.1. Floating schedule

It is very convenient: you can always leave the office when you need to, you plan your time and meetings yourself.

If your supervisor is a clever person, he understands that the company needs results and profits, and it is doesn’t matter for him how you will do it!

1.2. You can even work from home!

The main things you need is the Internet and your brain: Some companies even allow their managers to work remotely from another country while being on vacation or temporarily living abroad.

However, you need to keep track of working time and performance reporting on the tasks.

1.3. The ability to get paid more by selling more

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The sales manager has a double motivation system, which consists of a rate and a percentage of the project sold. The percentage is the main thing that makes the manager “run” to work and get the contracts.

1.4. Free bonuses and entertainment

These can be various pleasant things you can get for free, from unlimited tea/coffee/cream/biscuits/cupcakes available in the office to free team buildings and outdoor activities.

Some companies provide employees with free meals at the office, a gym membership, English courses, and other benefits.

1.5. Opportunity to create and develop your own projects

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If you have some fresh ideas on how to improve the quality of the work of employees or productivity, you are always welcome in any company!

1.6. Young team and management

You are almost the same age as your director or colleague, you are one generation! This fact makes it much easier to communicate and come to an agreement.

1.7. Conveniently located office

Almost all large companies have offices located in the city center, close to public transport.

1.8. Visiting thematic exhibitions, conferences, events

There, you can meet your future customers and at the same time learn a lot of useful things!

1.9. Exciting projects

Every day, various people ask you to provide different services. Together with the client, you analyze the market, study his business. Each project is unique and interesting in its own way!

1.10. Opportunity to develop yourself, keeping pace with the times

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If you have the self-motivation and curiosity, the desire to develop yourself and learn new things, then this is your perfect job!

2. Cons of working in sales

2.1. Working overtime

Sometimes there is so much work that you have to stay late at the office. Sometimes you even have to work for a very long period of time without a vacation!

2.2. Working with nervous and displeased customers

It’s difficult to work with people anyway, but when you need to sell/advise/persuade them, then it becomes double trouble!

2.3. Overload

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A sales manager must control at least 4 activities at once:

  • negotiate by phone,
  • check and respond to emails,
  • prepare commercial proposals,
  • plan and hold meetings and so on.

Such multitasking is a very exhausting thing!

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