12 Popular Jobs In Nigeria To Consider

The job market is constantly changing and evolving. Today there are dozens of professions you may have never heard about. However, these professions may be exactly what you need to consider. If you are planning a career change or simply want to know which jobs in Nigeria are the most promising right now, here is the top 12 of popular job in Nigeria.

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1. Sales representative

The economy is built on sales, which is why Nigerian and international businesses will always require more talented and motivated sales representatives. The job of a salesman is all about effective communication, so make sure your people skills are on the highest level.

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2. Graduate trainee

Finding employment as a graduate trainee is probably the best option for recent graduates who often struggle in the job market. As a graduate trainee for a company, you will perform a variety of duties in different departments. If you are sucessful, at the end of your training you can expect the company to offer you a full-time job.

3. Project manager

Most people think of project managers as a specialty of the IT industry, but the truth is that you can find a project manager job position in most modern companies. If you have good organization and management skills, as well as can motivate others to work, you can make a great career in project management.

4. Nurse

The medical field is constantly getting more advanced, but it will always have place for more nurses. In order to become a good nurse, you need to have not only lots of medical knowledge, but also a lot of compassion and desire to help others.

5. Driver

Some people simply cannot live without regularly driving, and if you are one of those people, you should really consider becoming a driver. If you feel confident behind the wheel of a car, you can choose anything from becoming an Uber taxi driver to driving huge trucks and making deliveries across the country.

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6. Accountant

Being a professional accountant is much more complex than simply adding up numbers and storing them in spreadsheets. Companies expect their accountants to keep the financial side of the business in order, which means you need to be meticulous about the details if you want to be an accountant.

7. Medical representative

The job of a medical representative lies in the medicine industry, but you don’t need to be a doctor to become one. A medical representative works for a drug or medical equipment manufacturing company and convinces doctors and hospitals to buy the product, which means it’s as much about sales as it is about medicine.

8. Internal auditor

An internal auditor is a very high-paying, but also demanding job. A company hires an internal auditor when it wants to make sure that all of its operations are cost-effective. You may also be responsible for risk managing, which means good financial training is a must for this position.

9. Nutritionist

One of the biggest trends of the past few years is getting healthier, and many people start with nutrition. In order to become a nutritionist, you also need to have extensive medical training. Then you will be able to tell people what to eat to achieve their health and fitness goals.

10. Sales associate

If you love working with people and set personal records, you can consider becoming a sales associate. Sales associates work in anything from small shops to department stores. Almost always, your salary will depend on how much you sell, and that is going to be your number one motivation.

11. Marketing executive

In case you love the idea of selling something to people and want to try it on a larger scale, welcome to the marketing industry! As a marketing executive, your job will be to design new strategies and implement techniques to get as many people to use your product or service as possible.

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12. Operations manager

Human resources are a valuable part of any company, and an operations manager oversees the complete HR department. You need to have extensive HR education and experience to manage hiring, training, motivating, and firing employees of the company.

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