Why You Should Buy A Used Car Instead Of A New One?

If your budget allows you to buy only a new car from the cheapest category, this means you will acquire a car without many options for a comfortable and safe ride, and believe us, you will always have a feeling of owning a cheap vehicle!

For the same money, it is better to buy a slightly used car of a higher class! Doing so, you will get a higher level of comfort, the decent style, the prestige, and even higher reliability because more expensive cars often have a noticeably greater resource than «disposable» low-budget cars.

Many car lovers choose the second, and they never regret!

Read on to find out why you should buy a used car instead of a new one!

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1. The new car quickly loses its value

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In a couple of years, they will cost 20-30% cheaper, and over the years the price of them will fall even more.

2. You get the possibility to pay less in sales tax

If you will save a few thousand dollars on buying a new car, you will be able to save a few hundred on the sales tax.

3. Pay less for insurance

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When you are buying a slightly used car, its value is sometimes 1,5-2 times lower so you can save on the insurance, and maybe even reconfigure what coverage you have.

4. Yesterday’s cars are made to last

Most cars you meet on the roads are more than 10 years old, and they are still running smoothly. Buying a 3-4-year-old car, you can be sure that you won’t face serious difficulties with driving it for 6 or even more years if you keep up with the car maintenance.

After that, when you will decide to buy another car, you’ll still have saved much more than purchasing a new car in the beginning. So, purchasing a reliable used car every 6 years or so will be definitely cheaper than buying a new one every 10-15 years!

5. You can get times nicer car!

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It’s a challenge to be a BMW fan and have a budget for buying Honda. Considering buying a used car, you can have a nicer car for your money!

So, you can afford a brand-new Toyota, but what do you think about used Lexus for the same price?!

6. You always know your car’s history

Car history reports like AutoChec anВ CarFax allow you to find out different information about the specific car: how exactly old is it, what types of maintenance it had, and much more!

7. Buy Certified Pre-Owned cars

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These cars might have been leased to a certain person for a year or two, or used by the dealership for certain things.

These cars normally are in amazing condition, have lower mileage, and they have been thoroughly inspected before they were put on the lot. The greatest thing about buying a CPO is that you get a warranty, which doesn’t typically come with a used car.

8. Benefits of buying a used car

  • Lower price and the possibility of negotiation.
  • The chance to become a higher class car owner for the same money that a new car from a more affordable segment costs.
  • When choosing a used car, you can get an additional set of options that will not be available for a similarly priced new car.
  • As a rule, a used car is already equipped with all the necessary things like the alarm systems, floor mats, covers, toning, etc.
  • No need in compulsory service from a dealer who can set bigger prices for certain types of services.

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