Best Wedding Dresses For Your Body Type

When choosing your ideal dress for the big day, you pay attention to many parameters, from the colour to the wedding fashion trends. There is one more parameter you need to consider, and that’s the ability of the dress to fit your figure. Find out which wedding dress is the best one for your body type!

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1. Hourglass

Ladies with hourglass shapes should feel very lucky, since they have a lot of freedom in choosing their ideal wedding dress silhouette. The hourglass figure is always thought of as extremely feminine, and your wedding gown should highlight it.

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The best wedding dress silhouette for hourglass figure is the mermaid. The fitted part will accentuate your curves, while the flared part will add the much-needed balance to the look. You can decorate your bodice with various embellishments to draw even more attention to this area.

2. Straight

If you have a straight and sleek figure, you probably enjoy your fit frame on a daily basis. However, as your wedding day is a celebration of your feminine side, your dress will need a few adjustments to present your figure in the most favourable light.

Wedding fashion experts believe that the most suitable dress silhouette for a sleek-figured bride is a sheath dress. It will highlight your slim figure the right way. If you want to add some curves to your look, you can decorate your gown with a belted sash around your waist.

3. Pear

Pear-shaped ladies usually have very pronounced curves, but the lower part of their bodies is usually heavier than the rest. And while that can look amazing in everyday wear, you want everything to be perfectly balanced on your wedding day.

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The ideal solution in this situation is a classic ball gown. When you picture a traditional wedding dress, a ball gown is probably what you have in mind. This wedding gown silhouette will highlight your waist, while the flared skirt will give you the coveted hourglass shape.

4. Apple

If your body has an apple shape, you are probably looking for a way to add more volume to your lower half while making the top half of your body look slimmer and possibly longer. Adding balance to the heavier top part your body is the main requirement for a good wedding dress.

Experts suggest apple-shaped brides to consider an A-line dress with a fitted bodice. The narrow bodice will take off some volume of your torso and slightly elongate it, while the flared skirt, although not as voluminous as the ball gown skirt, will add volume to your lower part for a perfect look.

5. Inverted triangle

In case you want to draw attention away from your broad shoulders and torso and instead bring more harmony to your wedding day look, you should opt for something that accentuates your hips while also balancing out your upper half.

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The ideal solution for the inverted triangle shape is the trumpet gown. In some ways, it is similar to the mermaid wedding dress silhouette. However, the trumpet gown flares just below the hips and makes your curves more noticeable. You can also opt for a deep V neckline to bring more balance to your look.

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