Bodysuit Fashion Styles You Will Love

Most of us think of a bodysuit as a lingerie item, but the truth is that there are many ways to incorporate a bodysuit into your wardrobe with amazing results. Check out 15 best bodysuit styles we have seen so far!

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1. Look #1

Velvet is usually considered to be a luxury fabric fit for evening wear, but it turns out it can also be a great part of your casual wardrobe. This spicy velvet bodysuit is equal parts sophisticated and trendy.

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2. Look #2

In most cases, you wouldn’t wear a lace bodysuit anywhere outside your bedroom. However, with the right styling and accessories – for example, paired with ripped jeans and a white blazer – a black lace bodysuit can look perfectly appropriate for day wear.

3. Look #3

If you want to show off your curves, a bodysuit is one of your best options. Pair a simple black bodysuit with skinny jeans and stun everyone with your figure. No additional styling necessary – let your flawless shape speak for itself!

4. Look #4

For a fashion style that will definitely turn everyone’s heads, try pairing your pastel-coloured bodysuit with flared trousers in a wild tropical colour. The golden jewelry and the gorgeous bag will complete your look.

5. Look #5

A striking bodysuit in a trendy animal print needs something understated as a pairing, and there is nothing better to make your new bodysuit stand out than a pair of simple blue jeans.

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6. Look #6

A bodysuit is meant to show off your body, and if you want to make that effect even stronger, how about a skirt with a thigh-high slit? It’s not a look you would wear to the office, but it will clearly get you noticed.

7. Look #7

A bodysuit is an ideal piece to wear to a relaxing day at the beach or by the pool. Given the occasion and the weather, the best thing to pair with a bodysuit is a pair of distressed denim shorts and some dainty jewelry.

8. Look #8

A bodysuit is featured in more and more street fashion looks, and this is one of our favourite ones. The combination of a black bodysuit with skinny jeans, a fashionable cardigan, and gorgeous sunglasses is simply superb.

9. Look #9

Wondering how to wear a bodysuit to the office? Pair it with some trendy but sensible trousers, work-appropriate high heels, and a contrasting jacket. Add some striking jewelry to make your outfit stand out even more.

10. Look #10

You can easily create a cute 90s-inspired look featuring a bodysuit by combining it with a pencil denim skirt, some adorable kitten heels, and the most noticeable earrings you have in your collection.

11. Look #11

Not all lace bodysuits are created equal. This white turtleneck bodysuit with short sleeves is like the polar opposite of the black lace bodysuit we showed earlier, and the styling of these two looks couldn’t be more different, although we love both!

12. Look #12

One of the trendiest and newest versions of a bodysuit is a plain black bodysuit with multiple straps. If you feel like it can be too spicy for everyday wear, pair it with some neutral black skinny jeans.

13. Look #13

Here is another beautiful idea on how to incorporate your bodysuit into your casual or office wardrobe. A plain black bodysuit looks fantastic with a midi denim skirt, and, depending on the footwear you choose for your outfit, you can achieve two drastically different results.

14. Look #14

For an extremely cute and relaxed summer look, pick a pastel-coloured bodysuit. Wearing it with patterned trousers with a relaxed fit and your favourite sneakers is a definite recipe for success.

15. Look #15

This summer look is what dreams are made of. The combination of a white bodysuit with a full striped skirt is divine on its own, but the matching red shoes and earrings take the whole look to a new level.

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