Sequin Dress Styles You Will Love

We are used to seeing sequins as part of evening gowns or stage wear for singers and other performers. However, with the right styling, sequins can be used in nearly any outfit. Check out 15 best sequin dress styles for every occasion!

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1. Look #1

Even celebrities cannot stay immune to the charm of the festive and gorgeous sequins. Toke Makinwa’s designer dress is one of the best examples of the use of sequins that we’ve seen recently. The colour scheme is impeccable and the dress fits her like a glove.

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2. Look #2

Sequins are currently one of the most popular design trends for bridesmaid dresses. With a champagne-coloured sequin dress, the bridesmaid can look perfectly appropriate for the occasion without overshadowing the star of the event – the bride.

3. Look #3

Sequins are an integral part of evening wear, but when you don’t feel like decorating the whole dress in sequins, combine the sequined fabric with other materials. Mesh works great with sequins to create a fiercely trendy and seductive look.

4. Look #4

How about a sequined Aso Ebi? With an Aso Ebi look like this, you are guaranteed to become the best-dressed guest of any event for at least two reasons: the sequined fabric never fails to attract everyone’s attention and the bubblegum pink colour is too adorable for words.

5. Look #5

When thinking about sequin dresses, we usually imagine floor-length evening dresses, but here is a great example of how cool sequins can look in a mini dress. In fact, we feel like we’ve seen this version of a sequin dress in many red carpet looks of 2019, which means it’s very much in vogue right now.

6. Look #6

Silver sequins are a foolproof way to look your best no matter where you’re going. This sequin dress is so beautiful that it hardly needs any styling. Simply put on your favourite heels, grab a cute clutch, and easily charm anyone you meet.

7. Look #7

It seems like Toke Makinwa can’t get enough of sequins, and for a good reason. This look is like a polar opposite of her first sequin dress, but with a black long-sleeve top and a matching beret, Toke is the epitome of European chic.

8. Look #8

Sequins are not always used in complicated designs. This silver dress has a very simple construction, but the sparkling sequins and the trendy fringe along the neckline elevate the whole garment.

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9. Look #9

If you are looking for the most elegant way to execute a sequin look, you should definitely consider a black sequin dress. The combination of a very straightforward cut of the dress with the glorious sequin fabric is so stylish that we could easily imagine this gown on any celebrity.

10. Look #10

We are always amazed to see fine workmanship in different fashion styles, and this sequin dress impressed us the most lately. The breathtaking sequin fabric and the flawless fit of the gown are what makes this look so good.

11. Look #11

Sequin fabric is usually enough to make your whole look stand out, but if you want to make an even more lasting impression, you can add a thigh-high slit or a plunging neckline to your new sequin gown.

12. Look #12

The next dress is proof that when the cut of the dress is impeccable and the fabric is simply gorgeous, you don’t need any striking design elements to make a dress that will impress everyone.

13. Look #13

Why get a dress with tiny sequins when you can make the sequins the star of your dress? These giant black sequins not only look fun and stylish, but they also produce a cool sound when you’re moving, which makes them perfect for a night of dancing.

14. Look #14

The classic mermaid cut never loses its relevance but can get quite boring. A simple way to instantly make it more interesting is to use sparkly sequin fabric in the bodice of your new dress.

15. Look #15

Sequins always add some interesting texture to any dress, but you can take it one step further and combine three or more different textures in one beautiful gown.

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