Difference Between Smart TV & Normal TV

Smart TVs have been around for several years and millions of people all over the world already own this device. If you plan to buy a new TV and are wondering whether you should get a Smart TV, here is the difference between Smart TV and normal TV.

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1. Difference between Smart TV and normal TV

When you compare a Smart TV with a regular TV, it becomes clear that Smart TV has many features that most normal TV sets do not have. These are the features commonly found in Smart TV that are missing from most normal TVs.

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  • Can access the internet.
  • Combines the features of a TV and a computer.
  • Has an internet browser.
  • Has a variety of built-in apps.
  • Offers an opportunity to install additional ads.
  • Can be used to access streaming services.
  • Sometimes has a touch screen.

It’s worth noting that while most of these features were truly groundbreaking once Smart TVs appeared in the market, now many regular TVs possess many of the formerly exclusive Smart TV features.

2. Pros and cons of Smart TV

Like any other popular type of devices, Smart TV has both pros and cons, and here they are.


  • You can use your Smart TV to remind you about the TV show episodes, news, and sporting events you want to see.
  • From a Smart TV, you can access popular streaming services like Netflix, as well as YouTube and other video services.
  • Smart TVs have numerous interactive applications that can enhance the TV viewing experience for every family member.
  • Over time, your Smart TV will learn more about your tastes and curate the content to reflect your preferences.
  • Most of the features on your Smart TV can be controlled remotely.

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  • Technology is becoming outdated very fast, so there is a big chance your Smart TV will stop supporting some of the apps in the next few years.
  • Smart TVs understandably are more expensive to purchase than regular TVs, but they are also far more expensive to repair.
  • Both the construction and the software of a typical Smart TV is very delicate and can be easily broken.
  • Most Smart TVs don’t have enough protection against potential hacker attacks on your software, which means your personal data may be under threat.

3. Should you buy a Smart TV?

The question of whether Smart TVs are better or worse than normal TVs has been discussed ever since Smart TVs first appeared in the market, but people have not come to a conclusion yet.

However, most tech experts agree that Smart TV technology is far from perfect. The variety of apps available for Smart TVs is rather poor and the quality of the apps often leaves a lot to be desired, so if you were planning to use a Smart TV for gaming, accessing social media, and other app activities, you may be disappointed with your purchase.

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The most popular way to use a Smart TV is for streaming various content, but even here a Smart TV does not deliver on its promise. Smart TV is not the best option for streaming compared to special streaming devices and even your regular laptop.

At the end of the day, the question of whether you should buy a Smart TV or regular TV depends on your budget. If you operate on a tight budget, a cheap Smart TV will be a rather disappointing device. If you have a bigger budget, then you can expect an expensive Smart TV to not have many of the disadvantages we’ve listed above.

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