How To Take Your Measurements

Knowing your exact measurements is essential if you want your clothes to fit perfectly. Whether you are sewing your own clothes or like to shop for clothes online, you should always take your measurements into account. Here is a definitive guide on how to take your measurements.

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1. What you’ll need

The most popular way to take measurements is with a tape measure. Metal tape measures won’t work in this case, because they are too rigid. Look for a soft plastic or cloth tape measure for the most precise results.

If you cannot find the right type of tape measure for your needs, you can use the old tailoring trick by taking your measurements with a long piece of string and then finding out each measurement with a ruler. However, this method can often be less precise, so it’s better to use a tape measure.

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The right choice of clothes for the measuring procedure is also very important. Bulky, loose-fitting clothes will make your measurements faulty. Wear either underwear or very closely-fitting clothes for your measuring session if you want 100% correct results.

2. How to take your measurements

Today you will learn how to take the most vital measurements for clothes.

1. Bust

Place one end of the tape measure at the widest point of your bust. Pull the remaining end under your arms and over your back to the bust and make the tape measure ends meet. Make sure the tape measure doesn’t twist in the process and keep your arms down when looking at the measurement.

Sometimes, you also need to measure the area under your bust. This measurement is mostly needed for bra and underwear shopping. To take this measurement, simply wrap the tape around your under bust area, keeping it rather tight.

2. Waist

When taking your waist measurement, you need to find your natural waist. The natural waist is the narrowest area in your torso between your ribs and belly button. Wrap the tape measure around the natural waist with the loose end of the tape measure being in the front, and write down the number you got.

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3. Hips

For your hip measurement, you need to look for the widest point of your hips and the most protruding part of your buttocks. Keep the tape measure strictly horizontal and make sure it doesn’t twist around anywhere. Pull the ends of the tape measure to the front and note down the result.

4. Inseam

The inseam measurement is essential when you are shopping or planning to sew trousers or jeans. This measurement is rather difficult to take by yourself, so you can either use an old pair of well-fitting jeans or ask a friend for help. Take the inseam measure from the crotch to the point on your ankle where you want your trousers to end.

5. Sleeve

If you are shopping for a jacket or want to sew a blouse with the ideal sleeve length, you will need the fifth measurement. In women’s clothing, the sleeve measurement is taken from the tip of your shoulder to the desired sleeve length – normally, it should end in the middle of your wrist.

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