Hijab Styles For The Fashionable Muslim Woman

For some people, a hijab is a subject of controversy and polar opposite opinions. However, for many Nigerian women, a hijab is an important part of everyday wear. Naturally, you want to make your hijab as fashionable and perfect for your wardrobe as possible. Here are 10 hijab styles you are guaranteed to love.

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1. Style #1

A solid-coloured hijab is a true must-have in the wardrobe of a Nigerian Muslim woman. You can choose your favourite colour, the colour that matches most items in your wardrobe, or pick some of the trendy colours of the season. For example, jewel tones like purple, ruby, and green always work well with the hijab style.

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2. Style #2

A great way to upgrade your solid-coloured hijab and make it more suitable for special occasions is to use one of the popular decoration items. In this case, the beads create a nice pairing with the understated colour of the hijab. You could wear this piece anywhere, from a wedding to the workplace.

3. Style #3

A knitted hijab not only feels extremely comfy on your skin, but is also a great option for chilly autumn nights. Plus, knitwear is very trendy right now and you can easily find what to pair your new hijab with. Moreover, knitted hijabs come in universally flattering colours and are overall a great choice.

4. Style #4

When you are choosing a hijab style for a special occasion, you will probably want more finesse than a simple solid-coloured hijab. The next hijab style has many different elements that all work to create a unique look: the trendy colour combination, the rhinestone band, and the golden beads.

5. Style #5

You probably haven’t seen too many pleated hijabs until now, but it’s all going to change this season. A pleated hijab is a fresh and trendy style and it’s guaranteed to inspire thousands of fashionable Nigerian Muslim women to try it too.

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6. Style #6

Lace is a huge part of the Nigerian fashion culture, so it makes perfect sense that it is also heavily used in hijab fashion. We love this example of lace hijab style for its subtlety: the lace fragment is not striking, but it elevates the look of the whole piece.

7. Style #7

Beads are a simple yet very effective way to upgrade your hijab, especially when they are made of pearls. Pears are among the most elegant decoration items available today and they will look flawless on nearly any style of a hijab.

8. Style #8

Now you no longer have to choose between a hijab and a gele when you are attending an important event! Here is a genius way to combine both in one look. This lady certainly set an example for lots of fashion-forward women to recreate this style.

9. Style #9

A patterned hijab can be a great addition to your collection. When choosing the outfit to wear with a patterned hijab, use the regular tips for wearing patterns: when the pattern is colourful and vibrant, pick an outfit that can make your hijab shine.

10. Style #10

Women’s fashion cannot be imagined without floral motifs and flowers will always make their way to any fashion item. With an addition of the floral band, this hijab instantly became more feminine, striking, and memorable.

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