Corporate Ankara Styles For Work

Nigerian fashionistas are so in love with Ankara that they are prepared to rock it anywhere. However, the workplace environment has special requirements for the way you can look. Check out 20 stylish and perfectly appropriate ways to wear Ankara in a corporate setting.

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1. Look #1

The inclusion of Ankara into your workplace outfit can be as subtle as you want – this fabric works great as a colourful and trendy accent.

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2. Look #2

Here is a little trick you can use with your corporate Ankara outfits – adding a white shirt underneath can make nearly Ankara dress even more appropriate for work.

3. Look #3

Adding a solid-coloured blazer not only makes your outfit more stylish, but also helps balance out the vibrant Ankara pattern of the skirt.

4. Look #4

Black, white and red is one of the most popular combinations in fashion, but adding Ankara can make your outfit more authentic and reveal your exquisite taste.

5. Look #5

Even the brightest Ankara jumpsuit can be worn to the office if you combine it with a crisp white shirt and a neat, flawless hairstyle.

6. Look #6

This trouser suit is the perfect bridge between understated corporate wear and the vibrancy of Ankara. Add the perfect fit and you have the best outfit you can wear to the office.

7. Look #7

The eye-catching fuchsia colour is not the most standard choice for office, but when paired with black and Ankara, it creates a great combination that works for any setting.

8. Look #8

Working in an office does not mean you cannot rock colourful prints and interesting textures, but the cut of your outfit should be understated and well-fitted.

9. Look #9

If your office has a more relaxed dress code, you can be lucky enough to rock black pleather leggings that look simply wonderful with an elegant black patterned Ankara blouse.

10. Look #10

This cute shirt dress with a tie combines two patterns and is a great choice for showcasing your chic taste in clothing.

11. Look #11

Adding a solid-coloured belt to a colourful Ankara dress helps you make your outfit more refined and more suited for the office.

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12. Look #12

Black and white is a standard office colour combination, but with an addition of Ankara pattern, the whole look instantly becomes far more interesting.

13. Look #13

Want to dress in some European fashion trends? This coat dress can be easily imagined on any celebrity known for her refined taste.

14. Look #14

When the skirt in your outfit is so striking, the best way to add balance to your corporate look is to add a neutral-coloured blouse, and this platinum piece is a perfect choice.

15. Look #15

A simple way to upgrade any of your office dresses in solid colours is to add an Ankara jacket. It will also bring you a lot of comfort on a chilly day.

16. Look #16

An Ankara blouse is one of the most universal pieces you can have in your wardrobe. Depending on the bottoms you choose to wear with it, you can rock it anywhere from a wedding to the office.

17. Look #17

Ankara and denim are one of the most popular combinations in 2019, so now is a good opportunity to add this charming dress to your workplace wardrobe.

18. Look #18

An Ankara blazer is another universal piece that can be combined with an endless variety of bottoms, but a black pencil skirt is the most foolproof option.

19. Look #19

Your office outfit does not need to be boring – there are many ways to enjoy colour even with the strictest workplace wardrobe, for example, with the help of bright accessories.

20. Look #20

One of the best things about colourful Ankara patterns is that you have dozens of options when it comes to finding complementary colours with wear with it.

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