How To Mix Ankara Fashion Items With Regular Clothes

If there is one thing that every Ankara fan knows it’s that Ankara fabric looks fantastic paired with just about any material in the world. Many Nigerian fashionistas prefer mixing up their Ankara items with regular clothes to make both stand out. Check out 20 best ideas on how to combine Ankara with your plain items!

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1. Look #1

Black is one of the most popular colours to mix with Ankara – it looks great with nearly any pattern and is the perfect fit for any occasion.

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2. Look #2

Mixing Ankara with regular clothes is all about bold colour combinations. Orange and yellow rarely work together in theory, but here the pairing of those too colours looks simply splendid.

3. Look #3

If you are looking for a perfect Ankara-centered outfit for summer, consider this combination of adorable Ankara shorts and a lovely pink shirt.

4. Look #4

In case you are looking for a way to incorporate Ankara into your business wardrobe, this Ankara jacket with a white shirt and black tie is a great place to start.

5. Look #5

On its own, this Ankara wrap skirt would look rather mundane, but when paired with a white lace top, it instantly becomes a perfect garment for the most important occasions.

6. Look #6

Some of the best Ankara looks are the ones where Ankara is used as a colourful accent rather than the biggest part of the outfit.

7. Look #7

When you are working with a high-fashion item like this asymmetrical Ankara skirt, it’s best to keep the rest of the outfit rather understated, and this black long-sleeved top is a great option.

8. Look #8

Ankara has always worked perfectly with denim clothing, and here is just another example of this wonderful pairing.

9. Look #9

Black skinny jeans probably look great with any top and give you plenty of room for fashion experiments, which means your favourite Ankara blouse can be a gorgeous addition to your jeans.

10. Look #10

There are many things we love about this look, including both fabrics and how the look together, but our favourite thing is probably the collection of hot pink accessories that are perfect for summer.

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11. Look #11

One of the best ways to mix Ankara with regular clothes is to use Ankara as a statement accent. For example, this Ankara headscarf completely elevates the plain black dress.

12. Look #12

As you already know, Ankara looks amazing as a statement piece, but that statement piece can be as major as you like! A sleeveless Ankara jacket on top of a black shirt dress is a very elegant choice.

13. Look #13

If you are all about colour coordination, you are going to love the next outfit. The yellow colour of the blouse is flawlessly complemented by the yellow floral pattern of the skirt.

14. Look #14

In case you are looking for ideas on how to create the perfect casual outfit with Ankara, you will need a relaxed Ankara top, your favourite skinny jeans, and a pair of trendy and fun sneakers.

15. Look #15

It is impossible to find any flaws in this Ankara outfit even if we try. The colour coordination, the flawless fit, the overall styling – this is what mixing Ankara with regular clothes should look like.

16. Look #16

If you are not ready for bold colour and pattern choices with your next Ankara outfit, you can simply take your favourite Ankara skirt and find a solid-coloured top in a complementary colour.

17. Look #17

Even something as subtle as using Ankara as a trim for your chiffon jacket can be very effective for showing off your love for Ankara.

18. Look #18

If you are on a search for an outfit that will make you stand out even during the most fashionable event, consider a pairing of an Ankara blouse and tulle skirt. A matching Ankara hair bow will only make your look better.

19. Look #19

Wide-legged Ankara trousers require a moder understated blouse for a tasteful pairing, and we believe this off-shoulder pink top is a great option.

20. Look #20

We normally don’t see many patterns in office outfits, but there are many elegant ways to include Ankara in your office look.

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