How To Colour Block With Ankara

Colour blocking is a popular dressing technique that includes a whole set of rules of combining two and more, often contrasting, colours in one outfit. Colour blocking can be successfully used with Ankara pieces. Here is how to do it like a fashion pro!

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1. How to colour block with Ankara

Wondering how to use the colour blocking technique in vibrant and detailed Ankara patterns? Here are some rules that will help you create the most flawless outfit.

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  1. Don’t go overboard with the patterns. When choosing the patterns to combine in your look, it’s very easy to overdo it and go from stylish to tasteless. The best way to make both patterns stand out and complement your appearance is to go for two or three prints in one outfit.
  2. Combine brights with neutrals. Neutral patterns, including black and white prints, look particularly good with colourful Ankara pieces and can be safely combined in a number of different but equally stylish ways.
  3. Pair patterns with solids. If you own a bright, attention-grabbing Ankara piece and want to make it even more eye-catching in your outfit, pair it with a piece in a solid colour. It doesn’t even have to be neutral – jewel and earth tones work great for print colour blocking.
  4. Work with monochromes. When you think about colour blocking, you are probably imagining colours that are located on opposite sides of the spectrum. However, colour blocking also works great with different varieties of just one colour. Various shades of blue, pink, brown, green, or red will look great in your colour blocking Ankara outfit.
  5. Play with opposites. If you are used to keeping your colour combinations understated, you may be surprised by how great two opposite colours can look in one outfit. Wine red and light green, yellow and purple, blue and orange are just some of the pairings that will look amazing with colour blocking.
  6. Consider your skin and hair colour. Some hair and skin tones simply don’t merge well with certain outfit colours. When choosing the shades to use in your colour blocking outfit, make sure to put some thought into how those shades look against your natural colouring.
  7. Choose the right accessories. Your colour blocking outfit does not need to consist only of tops and bottoms. Colour blocking can also be used with footwear, handbags, hair accessories, and even jewelry – it all depends on the kind of statement you want to make.

2. Ankara colour blocking styles

Need some inspiration to try the colour blocking technique on your own? These gorgeous styles will give you some new ideas on how to incorporate the trend into your everyday wear.

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The bright colour of the bodice is repeated in the blazer for an extra stylish effect.

Colour blocking with two similar patterns in an inverted colour scheme is a genius way to try the new trend.

The asymmetric design of the skirt, which features not one, not two, but three fabrics, is one of the most high-fashion things we have seen lately.

The adorable combination of colours in the next colour blocking Ankara outfit is perfect for any occasion all year round.

These patterns were everywhere during the past couple of years, but this combination feels very fresh thanks to the bold colour blocking technique.

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The complementary shades of the dress and the cardigan are what makes this outfit nearly perfect.

This is another version of the asymmetric colour blocking skirt we have features earlier, but thanks to the use of bolder shades, it looks even more striking and memorable.

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