Most Beautiful Henna Designs You Should Give A Try

Henna tattoos on hands and legs are a vital part of Hausa weddings. Every Hausa bride goes through a long process of applying henna in the most elaborate designs. Known also as laali, henna tattoos are an integral component of Nigerian culture. Check out beautiful henna designs for your inspiration!

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1. What is a henna tattoo?

A henna tattoo, or laali, is a type of non-permanent body art. Henna tattoos are known all over the world under different names, but their essence is the same no matter where you go. Henna designs are made with a natural paint that is produced from dried and ground leaves of henna tree.

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When you see henna in stores and markets, you will notice that it comes in a powdered form. Naturally, you cannot make intricate body art with powder. That is why henna powder is mixed with water immediately before the application process. It dries pretty quickly, so the henna tattoo artist needs to work fast.

2. How is henna applied?

If you have ever witnessed a cake artist decorating a cake with icing or did it yourself, you already have a pretty good idea about the way henna body art is applied. After the mixture of henna and water reaches the perfect consistency, it is put in a small plastic bag with a sharp tip.

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When the artist is ready to begin drawing, they simply cut off the tip off the bag and use the now open bag as an ink pen for applying the henna. Henna design professionals with years of experience usually have plenty of ideas of their own, but they can also recreate any design you show them in a photo you bring with you.

Depending on the type of henna and your hygiene habits, a henna tattoo can stay on your skin for up to two weeks. The henna will wash off gradually, so your design will still look neat but not as pronounced as it did during the first couple of days.

3. Henna design trends of 2019

Like every other aspect of weddings and fashion, henna designs are subjected to the changes in trends and style. The most common type of henna designs we have known for decades was the elaborate, highly detailed drawing in reddish-brown henna.

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Today, however, you have more choices both in colour and the design of your henna tattoo. Along with the traditional reddish-brown henna, brides now go for black, white, silver, and gold henna shades. Many designs have also gone from highly intricate to minimalistic and simple while still looking beautiful and very appropriate for a wedding.

4. Top 10 henna designs to try

Looking for a new and fresh idea on how to apply henna for your big day? These 10 designs will certainly inspire you!

The perfect symmetry is the best thing about this gorgeous henna design.

White henna tattoos are getting more and more popular and will look perfect with your wedding gown.

Minimalistic black henna tattoos look very delicate and are great for any occasion.

Make a statement with your henna tattoo by going for a grand design that is instantly noticeable.

Here is proof that henna designs look flawless with your wedding outfit and makeup.

A black henna tattoo is super easy to fit into the colour scheme of your outfit.

This minimalistic design combines the best features of modern and traditional henna tattoos.

Palm henna tattoos are not the most common design we have seen, but they work great with most wedding looks.

Adding stones to your henna design helps you elevate it to the special occasion that is your own wedding ceremony.

We could look at this perfectly symmetric henna tattoo design for hours!

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