Top 5 Natural Wedding Hairstyles

More and more Nigerian brides prefer to complete their wedding look with a beautiful nature hairstyle. Need natural hair inspiration for your big day? Here are the 5 natural wedding hairstyles that work for every bride!

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1. Top knot with accessories

If your hair is long enough to create a top knot, you can try this lovely hairstyle. One of the biggest benefits of this wedding style is that you can use any accessories you want with it, from pearls and stones to flowers and metal pins.

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To recreate this top knot, you will need to comb up your hair to achieve maximum length. Then create a French Roll, secure the ends of your hair with an elastic band and fix any imperfections with bobby pins. The final stage is unleashing your creative side with the help of various hair accessories.

2. Goddess crown braid

This is one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for any hair types, but it works especially well with natural hair due to the texture. Plus, it’s the ideal hairstyle to consider for your wedding if you want your hairdo to last all day, through dancing and partying, with no touch-ups.

Your hair should be long enough to wrap the braid around your head at least once. A goddess crown braid is also known as the halo braid. It looks wonderful on its own or paired with a veil, but it can shine even more with an addition of decorative pins or flowers.

3. Half-up, half-down

If you prefer to wear your hair down, you have plenty of wedding hairstyles to choose from. The half-up, half-down hairdo is a great choice for a number of reasons: not only does it push the hair away from your face and allows you to beautifully frame it, but it can also be enhanced with an endless range of accessories.

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The half-up, half-down hairstyle is the perfect combination of effortless styling and special occasion look. It is super easy to create and you are guaranteed to have a blast while choosing the best decoration items to go with your new style.

4. Braids or cornrows

Your wedding is not a reason to give up your favourite protective hairstyle. If you are a big fan of braids or cornrows and don’t want to give up your beloved look even for just one day, there are many ways to elevate your hairstyle for the wedding.

First of all, your cornrows or braids need to be freshly done and extremely neat: each braid should either be completely identical to each other or there should be a defined pattern. Second, adding a couple of wedding hair accessories like beads or flowers certainly won’t hurt.

5. Loose curls

For many Nigerian ladies, their natural locks are their source of pride. If you also cannot get enough of your natural hair, you are in luck, because there are virtually no limits on how you can wear your hair on your wedding day.

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You can leave your curls as they are or brush them out for as long as needed to achieve the perfect texture. Loose but defined curls are another popular natural wedding hairstyle. And again, you can make your wedding hairdo even more stunning with the addition of accessories.

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