5 Best Apps For Learning New Languages!

Mobile apps have turned language learning into an interesting game!

Learn English and other languages with the help of your favourite TV shows and songs, chatting with carriers, funny quests, memes and pictures from cartoon horror movies. It does not require a lot of time – you can learn a foreign language standing in queues or in public transport.

Check out these top 5 iOS and Android apps for learning foreign languages: most of the applications on this list are absolutely free!

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1. Hi, Jay!

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Perhaps it is not a secret to anyone that live communication helps to quickly integrate into the language environment and make progress.

«Hi, Jay!» is a free application with which users can search for native speakers nearby and make appointments to share cultural experiences. English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and even Chinese can now be learned over a cup of coffee in a good company.

This practice helps to improve the skills of a spoken foreign language, to learn the mentality of people from other countries and to discover linguistic features that you won’t find in your textbooks.

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2. AnkiApp

Most of us have tried this method at the university: you take a card, on one side you write a word in English, and on the other – a translation.

AnkiApp works on the same principle, but also offers to evaluate how difficult it was for you to remember the translation. The application takes into account your answers and, depending on this, corrects the period after which it will show you the word again.

You can use ready-made sets of cards (more than 80 000 000 in total) or add them yourself. You will find a few dozen languages here.

3. Duolingo

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Here you can learn four languages: English, Spanish, French, and German.

The application will teach to read, speak and listen, will offer interesting tasks and reward points for the correct answers. The creators claim that the 34 hours of the Duolingo course are comparable to a whole semester of university studies. And it is absolutely free!

4. Memrise

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Memrise is an indispensable tool for those who need to replenish vocabulary.

The application repertoire includes more than 200 languages, ready lists of words and phrases. Memrise is based on a scientific approach and uses the method of interval repetitions.

The application will remind you of yourself at the right moment in order not to let the learned fade from memory. To facilitate the memorization of words used voice, video and memes.

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5. TED

TED app is the “two in one” solution: we learn languages and get acquainted with ideas from all over the world, which are shared by the speakers of the famous conference.

The themes of the speeches are the most diverse – from psychology and finance to modern technologies and the desire to change this world for the better.

The TED video library has more than 2,000 appearances, formed thematic playlists and subtitles in more than 100 languages – ideal for those who know the language at an intermediate level and need practice.

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