How To Do Straw Curls On Natural Hair

Straw curls are deservedly one of the most popular hairstyles for natural hair. These curls look great on any hair length, are the perfect choice for someone who is transitioning to natural hair, and can be worn all week long while looking even better than on the previous day. Find out how to do straw curls on natural hair!

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1. What you’ll need

The amazing thing about straw curls is that you essentially need only one tool to recreate this hairstyle – a set of regular drinking straws. To make the styling process easier, you will also need a comb with a long tail, a hairbrush for detangling your hair strands, pins or ties to secure the hair you are currently not working with, and your favourite hair styling products. You can also keep a spray bottle with water by your side to wet your hair from time to time. A hair pick can be used to finish off the hairstyle.

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2. How to do straw curls

Ready to give your hairstyle an upgrade? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to give yourself the cute and easy straw curls:

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  1. Prepare the drinking straws for the procedure by simply cutting them to the necessary length that matches the length of your hair.
  2. Your hair should be freshly washed and conditioned for the styling process. You will get the most predictable results when your hair is still slightly damp from washing, but even if it becomes dry, you can always slightly wet it with a water spray.
  3. It’s best to work with small sections of your hair. Separate a medium-sized strand using a comb with a long tail and secure the rest of the hair with pins or ties.
  4. Apply your favourite styling products, including moisturizers, creams, and gels to the strand and distribute along the whole hair length. Detangle the strand with a hairbrush.
  5. Twist the ends of the hair strand several times around the straw to prevent them from unravelling in the process. Roll the strand around the straw until you reach the roots. Then simply secure the straw at the top with a hairpin.
  6. Continue working until all of your hair is twisted around the straws. On average, you will need between 50 and 70 straws, depending on the amount of hair you have and the thickness of the curls. If your hair is short, you can save on straws by cutting them in half.
  7. Tie a silk scarf around your hair loosely and let it dry naturally overnight. If you can’t wait for the whole night, you can keep the straws for 2-3 hours for looser curls.
  8. In the morning, gently remove the straws from your hair, rotating them in the same direction as your curls to keep the curls intact.
  9. You can leave your curls as they are or separate each curl into several finer strands with your fingers. Be gentle and again move the hair in the same direction as the curls.
  10. To add more volume to your hair, use the hair pick to lift your roots. Your stylish, trendy, defined, and overall adorable straw curls are done!

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3. Video tutorial

Check out this helpful video tutorial to get the complete hang of styling your hair into straw curls:

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STRAW SET on NATURAL HAIR | Defined, Bouncy Curls!

Quick and easy tutorial curling natural hair with drinking straws! Entwine – install straws- 1.5 hrs take down- 15 min separate- 30 min Music: “No Puedo Parar, Pt.2” Clarisse Albrecht f/ Lugo Santiago on itunes!:

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