List Of Politicians And Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive To Coronavirus

Coronavirus, or COVID-2019, continues being one of the most discussed topics on the planet. With millions of people being on lockdown and hundreds of thousands of infected patients, the rich and famous of this world are also not immune to the disease. Here is a list of celebrities and politicians who have been infected with COVID-2019.

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1. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

One of the world’s most beloved actors and his equally talented wife became one of the first celebrities who were officially diagnosed with coronavirus. The couple received their diagnosis on March 11 and were quarantined in the Golden Coast hospital, Australia.

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2. Sophie Trudeau

The wife of the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, was diagnosed with coronavirus on March 12. She is only showing mild symptoms and is feeling well, while her husband shows no symptoms and has not been tested. The couple remains in self-isolation in Ottawa with Justin Trudeau working from home.

3. Kevin Durant

One of the most acclaimed NBA players has revealed that he is one of the four Brooklyn Nets players who have tested positive for COVID-2019. Kevin Durant did not describe the severity of his symptoms, but reminded everyone to follow the quarantine rules and hope for the best.

4. Idris Elba

Idris Elba revealed his coronavirus diagnoses on March 16 on Twitter. The actor said he was not showing any symptoms but decided to get tested after learning he was in contact with an infected person. Idris and his wife Sabrina Dhowre, who has not been tested yet, remain in self-isolation and encourage fans to do the same.

5. Prince Albert

The positive test of Prince Albert II of Monaco for coronavirus was announced in an official statement last Thursday. Although Prince Albert is infected with coronavirus, his condition is believed to be mild and he continues working from home – the Royal Palace, to be precise.

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6. Manu Dibango

The Cameroonian jazz musician who is one of the most respected artists in his genre, was admitted to the hospital after testing positively for coronavirus. Manu Dibango’s team revealed that the 86-year old musician is on the way to recovery and is currently resting.

7. Burkina Faso ministers

As of now, four ministers of Burkina Faso have revealed their COVID-2019 diagnosis. The infected ministers are Stanislas Ouaro, Minister of Education, Alpha Barry, Foreign Minister, Oumarou Idani, Minister of Mines, and Simeon Sawadogo, the Interior Minister. Those are some of the few African officials who have tested positive to coronavirus.

8. Plácido Domingo

The legend of the international opera scene, Plácido Domingo, said it was his moral duty to reveal his coronavirus diagnosis. The singer said he experienced cough and fever, and that is why he decided to get tested. Currently, Plácido Domingo is in self-isolation with his family.

9. Kristofer Hivju

On March 16, the star of Game of Thrones uploaded a post to Instagram where he revealed that he tested positive for coronavirus. He said he only showed mild symptoms and should recover soon enough, and urged his fans to maintain the rules of social distances to limit the spreading of the disease.

10. Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert, the star player of the Utah Jazz basketball team, was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week. Prior to receiving the diagnosis, the basketball player said he did not fear the disease and made sure to touch all the microphones at the press conference on March 9, which caused a lot of criticism from the fans, reporters, and health officials.

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