Where To Watch Yoruba Movies Online

The Yoruba movie industry is incredibly productive and there are several new releases every month that you simply cannot miss. But where to watch those movies if you don’t want to search high and low all over the internet for the latest titles? Here are the best places to look for Yoruba movies online!

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1. YouTube

Unsurprisingly, YouTube is a great place to watch both new and older Yoruba movies. Movies on YouTube are often published by the creators themselves or uploaded to Yoruba movie channels. You may not be able to find 100% of the Yoruba movies released lately on YouTube, but the best things about this method are that it’s completely free and available both on desktop and mobile devices. Look for Yoruba Plus, Yorubahood, Okiki TV, and Apata TV channels on YouTube.

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2. Mobile apps

With more and more aspects of our lives taking place in the mobile realm, it’s completely natural that mobile apps are quickly becoming a popular spot for Yoruba movies. With apps like NollyLand and NollyMore for iOS and Nollywood TV Film, Nigerian Movies, and RealNolly TV for Android, you can catch the newest and well-known Yoruba and Nollywood titles whenever you want.

3. Netflix

For millions of viewers, Netflix is the go-to place for all kinds of movie and TV content. Nigerians are no exception – as Netflix is becoming more and more popular in the country, more Nollywood titles are added to the service. You may not be able to find every new Yoruba release on Netflix, but the collection of movies is updated regularly and the quality of videos is simply superb.

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4. IROKOtv.com

Several years ago, IROKOtv was launched as a tiny startup, and as of today, the service has millions of users and thousands of movie and TV titles available in its catalogue. Yoruba movies make up a large part of IROKOtv’s collection, so you will always find something new to check out. The service is available both in desktop and mobile versions, and it often premieres new Yoruba titles for the first time.

5. NollyLand

We have already mentioned NollyLand when talking about the best iOS apps, but the truth is that NollyLand is much more than a standalone mobile app. It’s a comprehensive online service, available both in app and desktop form, that has an admirable collection of Nollywood movies, including popular and new Yoruba releases. You can access the service from any device, and NollyLand has very flexible subscription plans for any budget.

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