How To Make Money From Home: 10 Ideas That Work

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing every aspect of our lives, including the way we work. Even if you have never considered becoming a freelancer, now is a good time to think about it. Here are 10 ways to make money from home while you are on lockdown.

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1. Content writing

If you have a firm grasp of English and are a masterful storyteller, there are plenty of opportunities for you in the content writing market. From creating taglines for ads to writing extensive articles on any subject – working in content creation is not only lucrative and fully independent but also incredibly creatively fulfilling.

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2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the perfect remote job for anyone who has a talent for selling but doesn’t have the budget and space to create a warehouse for the products. With dropshipping, you will accept orders for products that you don’t physically own; instead, you will forward the order to the owner of the products, who will handle the packaging and delivery of the goods to the customer.

3. Photo retouching

Even the most talented photographers need retouching to make their photos flawless, and many of the popular photographers don’t have the time to do their own retouching. This is where you can help them. By learning how to work in Photoshop or similar programs, you can make their photos look perfect and make money from home.

4. Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one of the few jobs that are as common online as they are offline. To become a successful telemarketer, all you need is a computer, a handset with a microphone, and a desire to make money. The more goods or services you sell, the bigger your income is going to be.

5. Instagram blogging

Normally, it takes a while for an Instagram page to become popular. However, with a clever use of hashtags, following techniques, locations, and other aspects of Instagram, you can promote your page quickly and efficiently. As an Instagram blogger, you can make money from ads, product integrations, giveaways, and other opportunities.

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6. Customer service

Like telemarketing, customer service is an at-home job that only requires the use of a computer and a handset. As a customer service representative for a company, you will answer the calls of its customers and assist them with a variety of questions, from having trouble placing the order to filing a complaint.

7. Transcription

Even though the transcription field is moving towards automation, skilled and attentive transcribers are still very much valued in the industry. As a transcriptionist, you need to write down speeches, interviews, and other audio clips in the form of text. Keep in mind that transcription can get pretty monotone, so make sure it’s a good fit for your personality.

8. Crafts

If you have always enjoyed doing something with your creative mind and hands, now is a perfect time to turn those hobbies into a way to make money. Whether you are a talented artist, a jewelry designer, a skilled tailor, or an inspired baker, you can move your operations online.

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9. Social media marketing

Most people today are already familiar with the power of social media. Through social media, you can sell anything and convey any message, but only as long as you know how to do it. If you are a social media pro for whom the online realm feels like home, you can help other companies improve their online presence by becoming a remote social media marketing manager.

10. Selling stuff on Jiji

Right now, you probably have a little more free time that you can use on spring cleaning. Gather all the clothes, accessories, utensils, decor items, kitchen gadgets, and other goods you are no longer using, and post ads on Jiji. Sell those items from home to make money wherever you are!

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