Government Instructs Employers To Get Clearance Before Sacking Staff Amid COVID-19

It has been several months since the coronavirus pandemic started affecting every aspect of life in Nigeria, and one of the worst affected groups of people are businesses and their salaried employees. However, the Federal Government’s latest initiative is designed to help those fearing for their jobs. Find out more right now!

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Last Friday, the world celebrated International Worker’s Day. This holiday, which takes place every year on May 1, is a day where we celebrate the hard-working people of the world and think of the ways to protect them and make their lives better. To commemorate the day and greet Nigerian workers with their professional holiday, Nigeria’s Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, made a special address and talked about the new realities of the job industry in the country.

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In the message to Nigerian workers, Chris Ngige mentioned the challenges imposed on the national job market by the coronavirus pandemic. He said that in addition to the Federal Government’s efforts to sustain the struggling economy, the Ministry will also look at the four-pillar plan to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic issued by the International Labour Organization.

The government’s most important task right now is to ensure job retention and allow workers to maintain their livelihood even in the face of a global crisis. To achieve this, the Presidential Economic Sustainability Council is closely working with employers to alleviate the effect of the pandemic on the job situation in Nigeria. One of the first measures taken by the Government is the new policy for employers, which prevents them from firing their employees without a preceding social dialogue and clearance from the Nigerian Ministry of Labour and Employment.

Chris Ngige also took time to praise the healthcare workers, who are now on the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic. He urged science, research, and technology workers to join their colleagues internationally in an effort to find an effective cure and prevention method for the coronavirus – specifically, a COVID-19 vaccine, which is currently being developed.

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The Minister also said that this year’s International Worker’s Day is very different from the previous May 1 celebrations in Nigeria for obvious reasons, but we are all staying home for a reason – to prevent the further spread of coronavirus around the country and protect the most vulnerable parts of the population. Chris Ngige ended his address with a reminder for Nigerian citizens to wash their hands and observe social distancing.

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