Can You Do This? Check Out The Nigerian Couple That Got Married Online

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has affected every aspect of our lives, from the way we work to the way we communicate with our friends and family members. Thousands of couples around the world planned their weddings for this spring, and they will not allow COVID-19 to stop them. Check out the first Nigerian couple that got married online!

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1. Nigeria’s first online wedding

Over the past two months, we have heard numerous stories about couples who were unable to organize regular weddings for themselves and invite their family members and friends. They also did not want to postpone their weddings. Their solution turned out to be both simple and genius: they decided to hold their weddings online.

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This is exactly what a Lagos-based couple did last week. The news about the first Nigerian online wedding was announced by the Harvesters church in Lekki, Lagos, who conducted the ceremony. The official Instagram account for the church shared the photo of the happy couple in their wedding attire, announcing that the two lovebirds just got married via Zoom, a popular teleconferencing app that is now used by millions of people around the world for work and communication.

The bride and the groom, who are called Yinka and Demola, appeared to get married in their own home, while the ceremony was conducted by the church via Zoom on the groom’s smartphone. It is unclear whether the couple’s relatives were present at the ceremony or watched the wedding over zoom as well, but one thing is perfectly clear: the newlyweds set an example for other Nigerian couples who are eager to get married as planned but are responsible enough not to risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones during the pandemic.

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I’m so happy today because I married my friend. It’s be beginning of the best times ever in our lives. I love you baby @olaobk 😘😘😘

265 Likes, 272 Comments – ‘Demooh (@demosgonna) on Instagram: “I’m so happy today because I married my friend. It’s be beginning of the best times ever in our…”

2. How to plan an online wedding

Right now, no one knows how long the lockdown will last and when we will be able to return to our normal lives. If you wanted to get married this spring or summer, you don’t need to give up your plans – you can have a perfectly memorable and intimate wedding with an online ceremony. Here are a few planning tips for an online wedding.

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  • Have fun with the decor. If you are going to stream the wedding from your apartment, you can invest some effort into decorating the backdrop. You can even choose a theme for your wedding and pick the decor accordingly.
  • Don’t stress out about your outfits. With bridal salons and menswear stores being closed, you may not be able to buy or rent your dream outfits. Go to Jiji and search through thousands of wedding dresses, casual dresses, men’s suits, and everything else you may need for your special day.
  • The same goes for your makeup and hair. You probably won’t be able to hire your favourite makeup artist or hairdresser to work on your wedding look, or even ask your friends or relatives for help unless you live together, but your online wedding and hair does not need to be fancy – it needs to suit you well and be cute, which we are sure you can do on your own.
  • Hold a private Zoom meeting when the time comes. Send out online invites to the people you want to see at your wedding and include a link to the Zoom meeting, but make sure it is private and don’t post it in the public places – you definitely don’t want strangers to show up on your special day.

My sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️

227 Likes, 75 Comments – ‘Demooh (@demosgonna) on Instagram: “My sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️”

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