Check Out Pictures Of Davidos New House In Banana Island

Davido is one of the most popular and successful music artists in Nigeria who, however, prefers to keep his private life private and doesn’t usually show off his wealth on social media. This is why Davido’s announcement about a brand new house in Banana Island felt so special to his fans. Find out more right now!

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On Friday, May 29, Davido surprised his fans by uploading a series of Instagram stories showcasing his new mansion in the prestigious area of Banana Island, where hundreds of Nigeria’s most rich and famous have chosen to settle. The singer did not disclose the price of his new property, but there are reports that similar mansions in Banana Island can cost anywhere from ₦800 million to ₦1 billion naira.

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After spending many years in Lekki, Davido probably felt that it was the right move for him and his family to move to the Banana Island. The musician only shared glimpses of his new Banana Island home, but one thing is clear: Davido clearly upgraded from his already enviable house in Lekki and the Banana Island mansion is truly what property dreams are made of.

From the few shots we got at Davido’s new house, it’s clear that the mansion not only has a gorgeous and modern interior, but also a few cool features that most of us would love to see in our homes. For example, Davido has once shared on social media that he dreams of a house with a personal lift, and that is exactly what he showed off while introducing his mansion.

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Odion Bello-Audu on Twitter

Odion Bello-Audu on Twitter

In this video, we can also see a stunning kitchen that has lots of space, beautiful white marble, and just enough lighting to enjoy every second in the kitchen. In another video, Davido shared a video of another room that has no furniture yet, but, thanks to the amount of natural lighting, will likely become one of the singer’s favourite areas in the house.

Odion Bello-Audu on Twitter

Odion Bello-Audu on Twitter

Overall, Davido shared 9 Instagram stories, documenting a whole tour around the mansion, starting with Davido’s arrival in one of his famous cars. We can see the entrance to the home, the hall, and everything else that makes Davido’s new home special. The house doesn’t look 100% finished yet and some rooms are completely empty, but we have no doubts that Davido’s exquisite taste, paired with the expertise of his interior designers, will produce a gorgeous-looking mansion that we hope Davido will show on his Instagram some time later.

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Davido shares videos of his new home in Banana Island Lagos. The house comes with an elevator which the singer said he has always wanted

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