Five Signs That Show You Might Have A Weak Immune System

The immunity is one of the most important systems in the human body. Your immune system not only directly influences your chances of getting sick, but also determines the speed and effectiveness of your recovery process. Check out 5 telling signs that your immune system is weak.

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1. You get sick often

This is probably the most reliable way to tell that you have immunity problems. There are numerous viruses circulating in society, but adults should not catch every single one of them. Most of us get sick often as children while our immune system is still adjusting to the world, but it should all change for the better.

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If you go down with a cold more often than two to three times in one season, especially if your symptoms are rather severe with a fever and respiratory issues, you can safely assume your immune system is not as strong as it should be and needs to be strengthened.

2. Weight changes

Under normal circumstances, you should be able to maintain your weight without any extra effort. If you are noticing your weight drop inexplicably or you have gained a substantial amount of weight in the past months, it can be a sign you have a weak immune system. There can be several factors influencing weight fluctuations, but any weight changes without any changes in your diet or level of physical activity should make you think about your immunity in the first place.

3. Fatigue

The modern pace of life can make anyone feel tired from time to time, but if you are feeling fatigued most of the time, regardless of what you do, it may be a symptom of a weakened immunity system. It’s especially telling when you sleep for 7+ hours, but still wake up exhausted – in a normal situation, sleep should give you the refreshment and reinvigoration you need to go about your day. If you try everything but still experience fatigue on most days or even every day, it may be time to give your immune system a boost in addition to following a better sleeping and eating schedule.

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4. Swollen lymph nodes

Normally, your lymph nodes should not be visible on your body and many people don’t even know where they are located. Lymph nodes, which can be found all over your body but are especially noticeable on your neck, in your armpits, and your groin area. When your body is fighting a disease, the lymph nodes naturally swell, but if the swelling persists even after you don’t feel sick anymore, it is a major sign your immunity may be weaker than you think.

5. Digestive problems

You may not know this, but a huge part of your immune system is located in your digestive tract – specifically, your guts contain lots of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms that ensure your body’s strong defence systems. This is why you should be alarmed if you start experiencing constant digestive problems with no apparent reasons. These digestive symptoms can include anything from diarrhea to constipation, and if changes to a healthier diet and a more regular eating schedule don’t bring any positive changes to your digestive situation, you should definitely look into strengthening your immunity.

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