All The Bridal Accessories You Need On Your Wedding Day

Your big day is coming, and with so many things to take care of, it’s easy to forget some of the wedding essentials. Bridal accessories play an important role in your wedding look and atmosphere. Here is a checklist of 10 bridal accessories you will need on your wedding day to make your look complete.

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1. Shoes

The good news is that these days there are no strict guidelines regarding the type of shoes you should wear on your wedding. You can choose anything from stiletto heels to flats and even sneakers, as long as they are comfortable and look appropriate with your wedding outfit. You will also need to have your wedding shoes for your dress fitting so that the tailor could perfectly hem the gown according to the height of the shoes.

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2. Veil

A bridal veil is one of the most recognizable wedding accessories, and there are numerous options to choose from. A bridal veil can beautifully complete a traditional white wedding outfit. Modern veils range from tiny birdcage creations to floor-length veils that won’t make you go unnoticed.

3. Jewelry

The central element of your wedding day jewelry is obviously your wedding ring and nothing should distract from it, but there are other pieces you can wear to make your bridal look more balanced. Statement earrings or a necklace are both popular options, but you can’t make both pieces stand out. A bracelet, on the other hand, should be very subtle if you are wearing one at all.

4. Purse

Normally, you don’t see brides carrying around a purse with their essentials – their hands are busy carrying the wedding bouquet. However, a good way to keep your lipstick, phone, and tissues at hand is to put them in a beautiful purse or clutch and have one of your bridesmaids keep it safe for you.

5. Bouquet

Strictly speaking, a flower bouquet is not a clothing accessory, but it’s still an integral part of your wedding look. Your bouquet will be the first aspect of your outfit many guests notices, so it should be not only beautiful, but also perfectly fit your wedding style and colour scheme of your outfit.

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6. Hair accessories

No matter which hairstyle you go for on your wedding day – an updo, loose curls, or an afro – you can still elevate your look with one or more gorgeous hair accessories. The most classic wedding hair accessory is a tiara, often decorated with rhinestones and pearls. You can also go for something as subtle as a couple of bridal hairpins or go all-in and wear a headband with live flowers.

7. Garter

The garter toss is one of the most outdated wedding traditions, but many brides still perform it at some point of the reception to entertain the guests. There isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to garters – most of them are white and have lace fragments and some type of decoration – flowers, pearls, or rhinestones.

8. Bridal sash

A bridal sash is not a must-have, but it can be an easy way to add style and finesse to your otherwise simple look. For example, if your dress is fairly affordable and doesn’t have a lot of expensive decorations, a bridal sash with crystals or pearls can make it more striking.

9. Wrap

You plan your wedding outfit expecting a certain type of weather, usually warm and sunny, but you can never guarantee it. A bridal wrap, jacket, or bolero are the easiest and most elegant way to keep yourself warm even when it’s cold on your big day.

10. Underwear

Even though no one will see your wedding day underwear except for the man you marry, you will feel more confident knowing you are wearing some top-notch undergarments, which usually includes a bustier, thongs, and often a slip. Plus, with wedding shapewear, your figure will look even more flawless in your wedding dress.

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