Government Starts Recruitment of 774,000 Nigerians! Here Is How You Can Apply!

The current job situation on the Nigerian job market, which has been made worse by the coronavirus pandemic, does not offer a lot of opportunities to Nigerians struggling to find employment. That is why the Government’s latest initiative to give 774,000 jobs became one of the biggest news of the week. Find out everything you need to know about the program right now!

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1. Details of the program

The Government’s program to supply 774,000 people with jobs became known as Special Public Works. The unveiling of the initiative was not spotless: back in spring, the Government had to take measures against fraudsters claiming to be hiring for the program. Then, the various Government entities voiced criticism over the program, which threatened to suspend its launch. However, earlier this week the Special Public Works program was finally presented to the public.

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The Special Public Works program by the Federal Government is designed to help unskilled workers, particularly in rural areas, acquire the skills needed in their future careers. This is not a program for highly educated people aiming for high salaries. This 3-month work program is essentially a paid internship where you can make money and learn a new trade while also helping your local government achieve their goals.

2. What are the jobs?

The scope of jobs offered by Special Public Works can differ from state to state, but the one thing that unites them is that you don’t need any special skill set to be able to do them. You need to be diligent, physically capable, and willing to work irregular hours when needed. These are the most common jobs under the Special Public Works program:

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  • Traffic control
  • Farm jobs
  • Streets cleaning
  • Maintenance of roads
  • Maintenance of canals and drainage
  • Cleaning of public spaces like schools and health centres
  • Gardening and orchard jobs

3. How much can you make?

The salary under the Special Public Works program is universal and does not depend on the type of job you are doing or the state where you live. Overall, there is a 52 million fund that will be distributed between all states and then all workers who applied for the program. The monthly salary in the program is 20,000, and you can work for a maximum of 3 months under the program, which means the total maximum income you can get from Special Public Works is 60,000.

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4. How to apply

Due to the nature of the jobs offered by the Special Public Works program, you don’t need any special qualifications to be eligible for a job. The only two conditions are that you are unemployed at the moment and you are not a skilled worker with previous high-paying job experience. Unfortunately, the program does not accept online applications, so if you are interested in finding more about this opportunity or want to apply for Special Public Works, you will need to contact your local selection committee. You can find the names and telephone numbers of committee members state by state on the official Special Public Works website.

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