10 Headband Styles You Will Love

A hairband is a fantastic accessory on its own that allows you to showcase your style without trying too hard, but it’s also a great way to upgrade your hairstyle when you don’t feel like spending hours trying to make it perfect. Here are 10 authentic headband styles you are guaranteed to love.

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1. Style #1

If you are really feeling your Ankara outfit and want to make it even more striking, your best option is to get a matching headband from the remaining fabric. With a look like this, you won’t go unmissed no matter what kind of event you’re attending.

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2. Style #2

When you want to go all in with your new Ankara headband, you cannot go wrong with a headwrap. A headwrap is extremely stylish, shows off your love for authentic materials, and allows you to successfully hide any “bad hair day” even when you are in a rush.

3. Style #3

When you are growing out your hair after a big chop, you will need a couple of cute headbands in your collection to keep your hair in place until it reaches the stage when it’s easily manageable.

4. Style#4

When you really want to make a statement with your headband, you can’t go wrong with a big bow Ankara headband. This accessory will surely attract everyone’s attention, so make sure your remaining look is as good as your statement headband.

5. Style #5

Now that we are living in a different reality, it makes complete sense to tailor your own face masks for protection and coordinate them with the rest of the outfit. This combination of a matching headband and face mask will showcase your personal style and the amount of effort that goes into your looks.

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6. Style #6

This kind of a headband has a slightly retro feel, which is perfect if you’re a free-spirited individual who’s into the aesthetic of the 1960s. It would look fantastic with any hairstyle, but it truly shines when worn with sleek long locks.

7. Style #7

An eye-catching headband is a quick but effective way to make your outfit stand out even if you are wearing a basic sweater or something equally casual. The shape of this bow headband is perfect for any occasion, and so is the lovely autumn colour palette of the fabric.

8. Style #8

A headband can be your ideal solution when you want to try a different look with your beloved braids. If the long braids are making your neck and back hot, or if you simply want to switch to a new style, a headband and a braided ponytail will help you achieve your goal without any drastic changes.

9. Style #9

A donut headband is the perfect combination of traditional headband style and modern colour schemes. This style of headbands will definitely get some good wear in your wardrobe, since it can easily fit all kinds of occasions and outfits.

10. Style #10

An Ankara headband in a rather plain style is a must-have for any Nigerian fashionista. It doesn’t put any pressure on your outfit choices and allows you to wear it with the most casual outfits, which means it can easily become your favourite piece to wear.

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