Latest Shuku Hairstyles You Should Try Out

Shuku is one of the oldest and most famous women’s hairstyles in Nigeria. It has been around for more than 2,500 years and originated in the Yoruba culture, where it was originally worn by the nobility. Today, Shuku, or Suku, as it’s sometimes called, is the general name for all hairstyles that involve cornrows and an updo. Here are 10 latest Shuku hairstyles you need to check out!

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1. Style #1

This is probably the most common and popular variety of Shuku hairstyles, and it’s clear why. A classic updo is one of the go-to hairstyles for work and special occasions for millions of women around the world, and the neat cornrows make it even more interesting.

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2. Style #2

Adding colour to your hair is a great way to spice up Shuku braids, and while some fashionistas go for subtle highlights or trendy ombre hair, others are bolder in their colour choices. Purple Shuku braids with a high ponytail will surely get you noticed!

3. Style #3

A simple bun is great when you are just running errands or going to work, but when the occasion is more special, you want your hairstyle to be even more striking. This can be easily achieved with some extra volume in your Shuku updo with the help of extensions.

4. Style #4

Speaking of ways to add some colour to your new Shuku hairstyle, here is an option you will like if you are not a fan of bold looks. Purple highlights with black braids add a unique aspect to your hairstyle without disrupting your overall style.

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5. Style #5

The great thing about Shuku hairstyles is that they can be done on hair of any length. Even if you are in the early stages of growing out your hair and don’t want to put additional strain on your scalp by using extensions, you can still enjoy a trendy Shuku look!

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6. Style #6

If you are blessed with healthy long hair or have no problem with adding long extensions to your look, you can make your Shuku hairstyle stand out with the help of an impressive length of your braids. Sure, maintaining them might be a challenge, but you will be rewarded with the astonished glances of everyone you meet.

7. Style #7

Shuku braids are a universal hairstyle that looks good on any hair length and age, but it can be easily be made more appropriate for little girls. Pigtails are some of the most popular hairstyles for girls and they can be easily paired with cornrows for an even cuter look.

8. Style #8

This variety of Shuku hairstyle will draw everyone’s attention every time you leave the house and there are lots of things we like about it: the subtle use of pink highlights, the different width of the cornrows, and the beaded braids that beautifully frame the face.

9. Style #9

There are many ways to make your Shuku hairstyle more unique, including the use of different colours and cornrow patterns. However, a particularly trendy way to upgrade Shuku braids is to use golden metallic beads for a more striking look.

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10. Style #10

A blonde Shuku hairstyle with long, thin braids is a look that has been worn more and more lately, and it’s not difficult to see why. Not only do they remind you of the iconic lemonade braids, but they also look fabulous against the dark complexion.

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