Ankara Gown Styles For Fashionable Women

Fashion trends come and go, but Ankara never goes out of vogue for Nigerian fashionistas. There are hundreds of ways to rock Ankara no matter what your personal style is, but an Ankara gown is a must-have for every woman. Check out 10 Ankara gown styles you’d love to have in your collection.

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1. Style #1

A tight-fitting Ankara gown is a great way to showcase your flawless curves. Needless to say, the success of the outfit relies heavily on a perfect fit, so make sure you and your tailor are on the same page in terms of what you want to get.

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2. Style #2

Long Ankara gowns look fantastic, but sometimes you want something a little more casual that you can wear every day. In that case, you should definitely get a midi Ankara shirt dress. Its shape is super flattering for any figure, and it’s both fancy and casual, meaning you can wear it just about anywhere.


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3. Style #3

Some of the most successful Ankara gown styles are created with the use of two or more different fabrics, and while there are no strict rules for pairing different patterns, making them share at least one main colour is an effective way of completing the look.


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4. Style #4

A cute sundress is another outfit you should consider getting if you don’t have one yet. The relaxed fit and open neckline and shoulders of an Ankara beach gown will make it your favourite piece to wear on a sunny day, and the cheerful pattern will make you even happier while wearing it.


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5. Style #5

When you are planning your outfit for an important event where you need to stand out, your best bet is a long Ankara gown with a slightly more daring design than you normally wear. In this outfit, the halter neck design is perfectly demure, but the high slit adds some much-needed spice to the look.

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6. Style #6

If you are looking for an Ankara gown that you can wear all year long without matching it to a special occasion, the simpler the design of your dress will be, the better. The cut of this midi Ankara dress with short sleeves is nothing groundbreaking, but thanks to the universally flattering shape and the cute pattern, you will definitely have a good run with this piece.

7. Style #7

Making an Ankara gown stand out is not difficult since the pattern is always eye-catching enough on its own, However, by going for a more interesting cut – for example, adding some trendy neckline detailing – you will make sure you are always the best-dressed person around.

8. Style #8

If you are longing for some vintage fashion but don’t want to go too far, consider the 80s chic that is now coming back into vogue. The 80s were all about big sleeves, bows, and bold shapes, so if that feels right up your street, you can’t go wrong with an 80s-inspired Ankara gown.

9. Style #9

How can something as vibrant and colourful as an Ankara pattern be made perfectly appropriate even for the strictest workplace dress code? The answer is very simple – through the addition of a white shirt collar and sleeves.

10. Style #10

3D decorations are incredibly trendy right now and look perfect with the beautiful Ankara gowns. The best news is that when you are working with Ankara, you don’t even need to work too hard to create those decorations – simply make use of the pattern you already have!

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