Wedding Dress Colours And Their Meanings

While no one will argue with the fact that white is the most popular wedding dress colour and is worn all over the world, the variety of wedding gown designs goes far beyond the standard white. Here are the 7 most popular wedding dress colours and the meaning behind each one of them.

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1. White

White colour in wedding fashion probably needs no explanation. Not only is it the most traditional option for brides, it also symbolizes purity, innocence, and light. Originally, however, white wedding gowns came into fashion as the symbol of wealth and nobility.

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2. Ivory

An ivory wedding dress is so similar to a white gown that they can look nearly identical under certain lighting. In wedding symbolism, ivory has the same meaning as white and is used to demonstrate the purity and innocence of the bride. Ivory is also a popular choice for women who consider white to be too contrasting for their skin tone.

3. Silver

A silver wedding dress is another variation of a classic white wedding gown but with a little twist. From the early days, silver wedding dresses have been viewed as a symbol of refinement and prosperity. Thanks to its slightly futuristic look, a silver gown can also be a great choice for a modern, fashion-forward bride.


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4. Black

While a black wedding gown can look very unconventional in many parts of the world, it’s worth remembering that black wedding dresses are traditionally worn in several Catholic countries. Even if you are not Catholic but consider yourself to be daring and inventive, a black wedding gown should be right up your street – despite a popular belief, a black wedding gown does not symbolize anything negative.

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5. Blue

Before white became the symbol of innocence and purity, blue was the colour that symbolized those things. So if you go for a blue wedding gown, your outfit will primarily get this idea across. However, blue is also the symbol of serenity, peace, loyalty, and confidence, not to mention that light blue looks fantastic on a darker complexion.


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6. Red

Red wedding gowns are traditionally worn in many Asian countries but have already worn over thousands of fashionable brides. Red is a colour that symbolizes strong energy, love, passion, and devotion. It’s a daring choice, but it’s the one you need to make if you want to make a bold statement with your wedding look.

7. Pink

Pink is traditionally one of the most feminine colours, so if you are going for a pink wedding dress, you are primarily showing off your strong femininity. In addition to that, pink is also a symbol of innocence and strong youthful energy, making it a perfect option for brides who are young either by biological age or at heart.

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