Latest Native Styles For Men 2020

Fashion is constantly moving forward and changing its appearance, but some things never go out of vogue. Trends may come and go, but native wear will remain the most popular style for Nigerian men. Here are some of the latest native styles for men you are guaranteed to enjoy!

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1. Style #1

Often the most basic outfit is elevated by one small detail, and this outfit is the perfect example of this rule. This black Agbada would look very cool on its own, but the addition of the textured golden stripe makes the whole outfit much more interesting and eye-catching.

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2. Style #2

When you need to dress your whole crew for a special occasion – for example, someone’s wedding – it makes perfect sense to go for outfits that match in design but come in different colours and have different details. That way, each member of the squad will be able to display his own taste while following the same theme.


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3. Style #3

It takes a very stylish man to rock a patterned outfit, but that’s exactly what can make your next native look stand out. There are so many patterns to choose from that you can always find something that fits your taste, so all that is left to do is pick a couple of killer accessories.

4. Style #4

In case you already own several cool Agbada or kaftan outfits and are now looking for a change of pace, here is a look that will definitely inspire you. This aqua-coloured suit may not be the thing you wear to work, but it’s clearly going to be a head-turner no matter where you go.

5. Style #5

A light blue Agbada with short sleeves is one of the best things you can wear on a hot day when you still want to look like a dapper man. The colour and the fit of this outfit can fit any personal style and is guaranteed to get a good run no matter how many beautiful pieces you may already have.

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6. Style #6

Plaid is a timeless pattern that is as only as popular as stripes, so if you don’t own a single plaid piece yet, it’s time for a wardrobe upgrade! Plaid is flattering, classy, and perfect for nearly any occasion, from a day at the office to a birthday party.

7. Style #7

A solid-coloured kaftan with matching trousers can look chic on its own, but personalized embroidery takes it to the next level. A skilled tailor can put all kinds of embroidery on your new outfit, including your own portrait, so you just need to get creative with your ideas.

8. Style #8

A typical Nigerian wedding or another gathering is a celebration of colour, but if you have a refined taste, you cannot go wrong with a neutral outfit. This beige Agbada looks perfect on dark complexion and can be instantly made more interesting with the addition of colourful accessories.

9. Style #9

One of the latest and most popular trends in native fashion for men is using two or more fabrics in the same outfit. We have seen many executions of this trend lately, but none of them impressed us as much as this vibrant yellow kaftan with a print accent.


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“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.”

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10. Style #10

A family look is adorable enough when it’s executed by a mom and her baby, but it becomes too adorable for words when it’s the dad and the son rocking the same native wears. This “Daddy and me” trend is one of the best things that happened in fashion recently and we surely hope it sticks around.

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