Business Ideas You Can Make Money From This Christmas

Traditionally, Christmas is the time when we spend a lot of money, but it can also be a time when you make a bit of money. Even amidst the coronavirus pandemic, there are still a few ways to earn some cash before and during the holidays, and here are 7 ideas that can work for you.

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1. Delivery

During the holidays, people shop more than anytime else during the year, but the logistics may turn out to be a nightmare. With so much to do, so many people at popular shopping locations, and so little parking space near them, some buyers are dreaming of the day when someone can do their shopping for them. With some free time and a car, you can become their trusted delivery man and bring gifts, food, and even medicine to your customers.

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2. Cashback

You are going to do a lot of shopping before Christmas anyway, so why not get something in return? Cashbacks, where you get a certain percentage of your purchase back from an online or even offline store, is getting more and more popular in Nigeria. Some of the biggest Nigerian online stores offer their own cashback programs, but there are also a few independent sites that have special cashback offers no matter where you plan to shop.

3. Sell your crafts

If you are good at DIY and your friends and family are constantly saying how much they love your crafts, you can make money this Christmas by being creative. People love handmade gifts and they are prepared to pay good money for a one-of-a-kind Christmas card, decoration, or hamper. Make sure to create attractive ads for your crafts online and give your potential customers an easy way to reach you.

4. Bake or cook

Christmas is a time when people spend a lot of time cooking and baking for their families, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If spending time in the kitchen is your passion and you have enough time to do it, you can make money by cooking for people who cannot or don’t want to do it. From appetizers and main dishes to desserts and even drinks – helping people get tasty homemade food on their Christmas table is an idea that pays nicely.

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5. Cleaning

Similarly to cooking, cleaning is a job that is essential for Christmas but not everyone can or wants to do it. People want to celebrate Christmas in a clean place, and with a bit of time, you can help them do it for money. Cleaning services before Christmas are very popular, so make sure to advertise your assistance in advance and use word-of-mouth marketing efficiently.

6. Pet/house sitting

Even amidst the pandemic, people will still travel for Christmas. Some of them will go to other regions to see their families, and others will even go abroad for a long-awaited vacation. These people are leaving their houses and pets behind and they need someone to watch them while they’re away. Needless to say, people will only entrust this job to someone they trust, so it’s best to look for customers among the people you already know.

7. Sell your stuff

Christmas is a time when people get rid of the stuff they no longer need, which may turn out to be the stuff that other people need. Going through your things, picking the ones you don’t need in your home, and advertising them on Jiji will help other people find the stuff they have wanted for a long time while you get to make some money in return.

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