Owambe Lace Skirt And Blouse Styles You Would Love

For many Nigerians, Owambe is the most important event of the year, and when you have an Owambe coming up, you naturally want to look your best. Lace skirt and blouse outfits are some of the most popular things to wear to Owambe, and here are 10 lace skirt and blouse styles for your next Owambe.

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1. Style #1

Even on its own, lace is a fabulous fabric that looks fantastic in outfits for any occasion. However, you can take your lace skirt and blouse outfit to the next level with the use of Ankara. The two fabrics look perfect together and allow you to try an endless number of combinations.

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2. Style #2

When you want to go for a monochrome lace skirt and blouse look, there are lots of colours to choose from. Some of them, like beige or black, are more neutral, while some, like this hot magenta pink, are the type of colours that will draw everyone’s attention to you.


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3. Style #3

A tasteful skirt and blouse combination is the perfect Owambe outfit of choice for an older lady. This skirt and blouse outfit looks very sensible and age-appropriate, but it’s still trendy, flattering, and looks great both in person and in photos.


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4. Style #4

Even if you are not a big fan of using pink in your personal style, there is a reason to reconsider your position when you are getting for a long-awaited Owambe. Pink is the most feminine colour out there, it is eye-catching but great for any age, and it helps you have even more fun at the party.


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5. Style #5

On the other hand, if you are more into neutral colours, you can still look like the best-dressed guest of any Owambe. Light grey colour looks excellent on any skin tone and allows you to combine it with pretty much any other colour, which gives you a lot of freedom for choosing the accessories for your look.

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6. Style #6

You can take your love of greys and neutrals even further and go for a metallic lace skirt and blouse outfit for your next Owambe. This textured metallic lace fabric will easily make you stand out in any situation, and it barely needs any accessories since it already draws all the attention.

7. Style #7

If you are a woman who already has developed her personal style and has her own favourite colour palette, the choice of an outfit becomes even easier for you. For example, if you are a fan of deep, intense, and feminine colours, then wine red should be your first thought for the next Owambe.


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8. Style #8

Lace and Ankara are a match made in fashion heaven. Lace makes simple Ankara patterns more appropriate for a special occasion like an Owambe, and Ankara adds some style and charisma to the monochrome lace fabric. And when you go for two fabrics in one outfit, there are thousands of combinations you can create.


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9. Style #9

And when you decide to go for a nearly monochrome lace skirt and blouse Owambe look, there are still plenty of ways to keep it from being boring. Various decorations, including 3D lace cutouts and sequins, can upgrade your look and make it turn even more heads.

10. Style #10

Gold is a perfect colour for your next skirt and blouse lace outfit. It looks flawless on any skin tone, is always appropriate and never boring, and is perfect for any occasion. It’s going to be extra popular during the Christmas season, so that’s something to keep in mind for your upcoming Owambe.

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